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Size isn't everything

We love how the community is a huge support for so many people, and here is a recent example of just how supportive Family Lowdown can be.

size doesn't matter

What's the story?

Family Lowdown member Natalie-Rose shared her story of how unhappy she was with her smaller figure.

She posted this on 29th January 2023;

On the left, a little me at 16 ready to face the world and education after her prom. Happy with her figure, but practising self harm and trying to get thinner. On the right, current me at 26 at my wedding, working and raising a family whilst still in education. Bigger than before, but healthier despite what societies norms tell you.
Your size does not matter, as long as you’re contributing to your life in other ways, weight can be pushed aside until you’re ready to face it. If it’s affecting your health then look into getting some support to help get the ball rolling, but if not - just enjoy living. We’ve only got one chance.

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