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Too much woman to handle

In the world of love and dating there can be many unexpected twists and turns. But this keyboard Romeo was not ready for what was coming next.

Too much woman Lowdown Love

What's the story?

Family Lowdown member Sharon wanted to share her recent encounter with an online admirer.

Starting out as a bit of curiosity, the tale lead the young male down a path we suspect he was not quite prepared for.

A few days ago I received a friend request on FB from a young attractive guy about 28 years old... I was curious. I wanted to know why someone that young wanted to be my fb friend.
So I accepted it. Then he started sending me private messages. He was very kind. He called me beautiful. He asked my age. I'm not a liar so I told him and reminded him I'm quite a bit his senior. And I let him talk a bit cos (truth be told) flattery ain't all that bad.
We keep talking for a while and within a short time, he asked if we could talk about 'adult things'. I said ok. Then he replied with a face like 😈. He said 'thank you babe, you start." So I did!

Now, at this point we would urge you to take your minds out of the gutter. Sharon is a respectable lady.

I told him adult things like my knees and hips were hurting. My back acts up when it is cold outside. I explained that I have crazy insomnia, I toss and turn the entire night and that I often have leg cramps, especially when I try to sleep.
I mentioned the scars from multiple surgeries and the limp I have from an old injury. And of course I had to throw in the need for daily fiber supplements to prevent passing gas. Can't forget that one!
I was waiting for him to answer me...
He blocked me. He wanted to talk about adult things and then couldn't take the heat!
I think I'm just a bit too much woman for him to handle!

The Family Lowdown members absolutely loved this, adding things such as;

"Love it but seriously take magnesium for the leg cramps and insomnia"


"That's so funny I had a phone call years ago what this man was going to do to me was unbelievable so I asked him to hang on so I could get my diary so he could fit my sister in as well the phone soon went down silly fool he was but I did know who he should of been talking too? We where on a party line in those days"

The lovely Sharon also shared a funny phone scam (joke) story too;

"How To Handle A Scammer ~

I had a call from a scammer the other day.

Me: “Hello.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Hello. This is Bob Bobson from Microsoft Support. We are seeing a lot of virus activity from your device.”

Me: “Oh no. My device? Are you sure?”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Oh yes, we have many reports.”

Me: “Oh jeez. How can I fix it?”

NOT-Microsoft support: “It’s okay Sir. We can help you right now. Are you in front of your device Sir?”

Me: “Yes. I was just about to use it. I’m glad you called.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes Sir, we are going to help you. Can you please push the Start button?”

Me: “I think it’s already on.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Okay, Sir. Now you want to click on Control Panel.”

Me: “I don’t see that.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Do you see a bunch of information above the Start button?”

Me: “Yes.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “That is your Control Panel.”

Me: “Wow, I didn’t realise it had a name.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Yes Sir, now press on Internet Options.”

Me: “Yeah, I definitely don’t see any Internet options. I don’t think I purchased that feature. This is just a cheap one.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “They all have the Internet, Sir. Press the Start button again.”

Me: “Okay, it’s the same as before.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “That’s okay Sir. We are going to restart your device. Can you please turn it off?”

Me: “Um … I don’t know how. I’ve never turned it off. Since I bought it, it just kind of stays on all the time.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “There must be an off button on your device. How do you stop it when it’s running?”

Me: “In those cases, I usually press the big button.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Okay sir. Please press that button.”

Me: “Okay.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Is your device off?”

Me: “No. The door popped open.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Door? Is there a disc inside the door?”

Me: “No, there’s a burrito.”

NOT-Microsoft support: “Why is there a burrito in your computer?”

Me: “Computer? I thought you said this was microwave support.” "


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