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Lowdown Chat: Kids Obsessions?

Kid with a strange obsession? Chelsea kicked off the chat with her son's fabulous Henry Hoover birthday cake. Read on to find out what else your kids are obsessed with...

Kids obsessions lowdown chat

Chelsea Blunstone Smith shared her son's obsession and triggered a very interesting chat on what your kids are obsessed with!

Anyone have a child with a strange obsession 🤣
my little boy is OBSESSED with hoovers especially Henry, this was his birthday cake today it meant everything to him lol! X

2.5 thousand of you had your say on this post! With over 213,000 people reading, over 49 thousand people got involved in some way.

There is A LOT of Henry Hoover love right here!

Read on to find out what people from Family Lowdown had to say:

"Not hoovers but my son loved road signs around the age of 4/5!. He would actually carry around a book of the Highway Code (we actually had multiple books) because he just loved road signs!"

"My son loved Henry when he was small too… he dived under a tiny gap in a closing shop shutter once because he spotted a cleaner using a Henry on the other side!"

"My youngest brother was obsessed with Noo-Noo from telly tubbies"

"My daughter is obsessed with the Titanic, I made her this cake a few years ago."

"My son is obsessed with baked beans looking at this cake for his 10th birthday lol " (see post for image of Baked Bean birthday cake!)

"My 3 (nearly 4) year old is obsessed with the band Oasis! Liam Gallagher in particular. No idea why, we just played one song once and now he’s a fanatic "

"My mum has a slight obsession with hoovers!!"

"I don't but my friends boy was obsessed with hoovers especially Henry. So they wrote to the Henry hoover company and got a free tour so might be worth an email xx"

"I remember your son liking fans. Hoovers could be next "

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