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Tommy K imposter shock

Finding top tips and hacks is what the Family Lowdown community is all about. We find out what one of you has been up to to curb the cost of living, a little ingenuity that you will love.

Tommy K Nightmare Lowdown Love

What's the story?

Family Lowdown member Leanne had a little trick up her sleeve that she shared with Family Lowdown. Her unsuspecting kids have been duped into eating cheaper brand Tomato Ketchup for some time now and she shared a little snap of her doing the sneaky deed!

It is such a great way of reigning in costs, and a great test for brand loyalty! It did spark off a really interesting set of comments - hundreds in fact nearly one thousand of you had something to say.

Been doing this for months and my kids still don't know! But if I gave them the cheaper bottle they refuse it

The Family Lowdown members did not disappoint and chimed in with comments such as,

"I had to do this with Frosties, my kids are fussy"


"I did it with the Aldi Nutella lol x"

Parenting at its best we say! Click the button below to read all the fabulous comments.

How much do you love it?

The post to date has reached over 397,500 and over 9,000 of you have engaged with it in some way.




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