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Why working for the NHS can work for you

A recent post into FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS about working for the NHS had an astonishing result. Hundreds of members stepped forward and shared not only what they do but how much they love it. From mental health nurses to play specialists to clinical coders, the level of job satisfaction shared in the comments was off the scale.

Why working for the NHS will work for you

Did you know there were over 350 different job opportunities in the NHS?

With over 350 different careers available in the NHS, it is the perfect place to explore what your next job might be. Whether you’re looking to change career, going back to work after a break or need a job that is flexible around family life, working for the NHS has so much to offer.

Working for the NHS can be hugely rewarding and whatever your skills, qualifications or interests might be, it is a great place to start looking for your next job. Not only are there a wide range of nursing routes available, there are health care support worker roles you might like to consider and also specialised opportunities across a range of allied health professions. If you’re looking for a change or to start something new, there will be something for you.

Part of the challenge though, is knowing what opportunities are out there. And, how to get started. To help you, we’ve put together the lowdown on how working for the NHS can work for you.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re hosting an exclusive free online event with the NHS focusing on new job opportunities where you can find out more and ask real people doing real jobs in the NHS, questions that matter to you. To join us;

Can I change careers and do something new?

Yes you can. This will largely depend on the role that you want to do, as some roles require specific training or qualifications whereas others may not. It will also depend on your existing skills and experience which will be better suited to some roles over others. With so many different roles available, spanning so many different departments, there is no one size fits all approach.

A great starting point is visiting this website which has an A to Z of careers which will not only give you an overview of different types of roles available. You might be surprised at what you find!

NHS Careers Event

Can I work for the NHS after a career break?

In short, yes. The NHS welcomes people returning to work after a career break. Whether you are looking to continue working in the same sort of role as you may have done previously or you are keen to try something new, the NHS has a lot to offer. Depending on the role, the NHS can also offer a range of flexible working options, designed to suit different circumstances and priorities.

Can I work for the NHS if I don’t have any specific qualifications?

Absolutely. The NHS has so many roles available which do not require any specific qualifications and if there is training, it is provided as part of the role. This will of course vary. A great way to find out what might be suited to you is by taking the NHS’s ‘Find Your Career’ quiz which takes about 5 minutes and asks you a series of simple questions.

Does the NHS offer flexible working?

The NHS believe ‘people should be offered the chance to work flexibly, regardless of role, grade, reason, or circumstance’. The nature of flexible working will depend on the job you apply for, however it is reassuring to know that the NHS believes that ‘flexible working arrangements increases staff motivation, performance and productivity, reduces stress and encourages staff retention by enabling employees to balance their work life with their other priorities.’ They want their employees to be happy and if flexible working is possible they won’t say no without a very good reason.

What are the advantages of working for the NHS?

There are lots of practical advantages to working for the NHS, from high street discounts and cycle to work schemes. The NHS also pride themselves on being a family friendly employer, offering flexi time, child care support for those eligible and encouraging a healthy work life balance.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of them all is how varied, exciting, challenging and rewarding working for the NHS can be. Don’t believe us? Click this link to find out what Family Lowdown members had to say about their jobs in the NHS.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about the different types of careers available in the NHS and what they include by visiting this website. Or you can sign up here to receive careers updates, news and information directly from the NHS.

You are also invited to attend our exclusive Family Lowdown online event where we will be talking to real people who are working in different roles alongside the careers information and quality lead for the NHS Health Careers team, Abi Changer. They will be telling you how to find a role that suits you and answering any questions you might have. If you’re thinking about whether working for the NHS could be for you, we’d recommend you come along!

NHS Careers Event


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