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Coronation memorabilia worth collecting

Everyone loves a bit of chintzy royal memorabilia. We take a look at some of the most collectable bits of memorabilia, collectables and antiques that may well be worth much more in the future.

Buying Coronation Gifts and Memorabilia

Celebrating the Coronation can be done by spending a lot on the old credit card. There are so many bits and bobs which have been branded 'Coronation'. But which bits of memorabilia or collectables should we be buying? We take a look at some of the items the experts think will make money in the future here. Of course, none of this is guaranteed, but with their best educated guess, some of the items below are just nice to have regardless!

These coins are the official coins of the coronation made by The Royal Mint. Coins will always hold their value, or increase as they are legal tender. These special coronation coins comes in a special card case.

Coronation coin collection

Teddy bears are highly collectable items, and this particular bear is a limited edition making it much more collectable. The bear is not cheap at £175, but this special bear will become more valuable ove rthe years - just don;t let your kids play with it!

Highgrove coronation teddy bear

Brooches do go in and out of fashion, but costume jewellery tends to increase in value so for such a low spend you may be looking at something that will go up by up to ten times its value in the future.

Coronation Brooch

This crystal glass paperweight is the perfect keepsake for the coronation. Paperweights are becoming more of a rarity, and like and good antiques - the rarer the better!

Coronation crystal paperweight

This decoupage plate is unique in that they are only making a small number of them. Made by Pentreath and Hall the plate features a design on the front as well as a map of the city of London on the back too.

Pentreath and Hall Plate

For a more traditional Spode design, you can get a set of 4 commemorative plates made by Spode at Dunelm. The traditional white and blue pattern may not hold a great deal of value in the future, but keep a set unchipped and it might be worth something. Or just use them, we like the tradition and why not serve tea and cake on something that looks like your Nan once owned it?

Again, like some plates these may well be more common but cups are so easy to chip we know if you look after this one it is more likely to retain some value in the future.

Coronation tea cup and saucer


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