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Delicious Dry January Alternatives to see you through!

Struggling to get to the end of dry January without caving? Here are our top dry January drink alternatives to see you to the end of the month.

Let us help you to the end of 'Dry January'

Dry January began in 2012 as an initiative by Alcohol Change UK. The aim was to “ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days.”

Millions of people now take part in the challenge every year, with people from various countries - including America - taking part too.

But why is it so hard to stick to?

Depriving yourself of anything that you enjoy or love is bound to be tricky. According to Wendy Wood, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California and the author of “Good Habits, Bad Habits.”

“[If it's not getting easier by mid January] It doesn’t mean that you have lost your resolve, that you’re not motivated to do this,” she said, adding that forming new habits, and dropping old ones, can take several months.

So what can we do to make it easier? Find some delicious alternatives to your favourite tipple to inspire your sense (and taste buds) and give yourself something to look forward to (or commiserate with!)

The Basics

Sparkling flavoured drinks are usually a firm favourite with those who drive or don't usually drink at all. there are so many interesting flavours and concoctions at the supermarkets you will be hard pressed to get through them all even if you tried one every day in January!

Here are some of our top picks and group favourites:

Alcohol-free Wine

Not always the diesters choice as they tend to contain a lot more sugar. The wine sthat tend to work best are non-alcoholic Riesling and Prosecco, mainly because these tend to be sweeter and not as strong as some wine in their original state. This means their no alcohol counterparts seem closer to the real thing.


This wine is produced using traditional wine-making methods with minimal processing. A subtle blend of merlot and Shiraz makes up this bottle with blackberry, cherry and plum notes. Good with lighter meat or vegetarian dishes.


With elderflower and green apple the flavour is pleasantly fruity - if you are a real connoisseur you should also find pear, melon and peach too. Eisberg is German for iceberg and it really is that. It needs to be chilled to get the best experience!

Experts suggest that you ignore the earthy smell at first which can be a bit funny as this is a very close second to a real Riesling. With peachy fruit flavours it should have you pouring again and again.

Possibly one of the most widely available due to the size of the producer, super sweet with honey and flowers - this works really well as a spritzer with ice and soda.

From Australia, this wine is a sweet one (as you'd expect) with peaches and nectarines to taste. Make sure you chill this well.


This is a sweet offering with 2.6g of sugar per 100ml but this is a pleasant drink. Especially good if you are into the well known Portuguese rose (Matteus).

Alcohol-free Beer and Lager

Becoming much more common on the super market shelves, you may have nearly 'accidentally' bought a premium 0 alcohol lager or IPA (I know a few who have!)

Yes - you can now buy the very famous Irish draught as a zero alcohol drink. It is not identical to the original, but if you like Guinness this drink has the same coffee-esque bitter taste and milky completeness that should satisfy your tastebids.

With no artificial alcohol removal processes, this pale ale offers floral aromas and citrus bite. The experts will tell you this contains big hoppy flavours and is extremely enjoyable.

At just 69 calories a bottle this is a good option if you are watching your intake. The taste is refreshing with no strange flavours so a great option if you like the original.

This alcohol free lager has a malty sweet taste that can hit the beer itch. It doesn't has a really sugary taste like some alcohol free beers and really great for those who like wheat beer.

With both a lager and a pale ale in the range, this not as well known brand gets great reviews. Best served chilled, these are crisp and refreshing. It is easy to forget there is no alcohol in these!


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