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Top 10 leftover chocolate recipes

We do need to start by saying that to some of you, the notion of leftover chocolate is a little alien. But for some of you who may find it hard to use up all that leftover chocolate, here are our top 10 favourite chocolate recipes.

Nothing goes to waste

If you are awash with chocolate - why not create something new, you don't have to eat it all yourself and it could be the perfect way to give a little love to a friend or family member!

Discover our favourite leftover chocolate recipes right now and make sure not one bit goes to waste!

Chocolate Tiffin

Who doesn't love the biscuity chocolatey goodness of a bit of tiffin? You can throw bits of dried fruit and nuts in and kid yourself into thinking its mildly healthy too. Perfect.

Chocolate tiffin

📷BBC Good Food

Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Mousse

Chocolate mousse is so easy to make, and a great recipe to use if you have some guests coming over for dinner. The passionfruit in this recipe adds a touch of class and zing to the standard chocolate mousse.

Passionfruit Chocolate Mousse


Bacon Pecan Chocolate Truffles

Another sweet recipe that hones in on the incredible balance of salty and sweet ingredients.

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Bacon Pecan Truffles

📷Taste of Home

Easy Chocolate Icecream

Having a frozen treat to hand is especially useful as a parent. This is a great way to use up chocolate and it will keep a lot longer than any cake or pastry product (unless frozen - yes you can freeze cake).

Chocolate Icecream

📷The Spruce Eats

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy - check - gooey - check - melt-in-your-mouth - check! These are the ultimate cookie because, they are just like those delicious bakery ones and not the hard biscuity ones you usually get in packets or if you don't quite have the right recipe! Pop them in an airtight container and enjoy for days!

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

📷BBC Good Food

Lindor Brownies

If you happen to have some of those creamy chocolate balls hanging around then this indulgent take on a classic brownie is for you. Perfect to give as a gift as it will really show someone you love them! Only 15 minutes prep time too which is a huge bonus!

Lindor Brownies


Rocky Road

Similar to the chocolate tiffin, this packs a delicious biscuit based punch with the added benefit of dried fruit and/or nuts, should you so wish. You can get creative with whatever bits and pieces you have sat around in your store cupboard.

Rocky Road

📷BBC Good Food

Salted Pretzel Brownies

Who doesn't like a heady mix of sweet and salty flavours? These chocolate brownies are delicately balanced with the saltiness of a pretzel snack.

Pretzel Brownies


Banoffee Profiteroles

Banana, toffee and chocolate bundled up into the classic choux pastry ball. Yes this is a new take on a profiteroles that we absolutely love. A decadent desert that you could even serve to your MIL without an upturned nose in sight.

Banoffee Profiteroles


Creme Egg Chocolate Loaf Cake

Creme eggs can be something of an Achilles heal for so many, so why not add some to a loaf cake for an afternoon treat or to enjoy with your morning cuppa?

Creme egg loaf cake

📷Dom in the kitchen


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