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A take on the 1p challenge that everyone must try

Stuck in hospital, Kim came up with this really easy take on the penny challenge that is so easy everyone should have a go.

The 1p challenge

What's the story?

Kim shared her really creative way of making this challenge way more accessible to everyone and Family Lowdown loved it.

She posted on 8th January 2023;

Poorly, stuck in hospital so decided to come up with my own version of the 1p challenge. I wrote 1p-£3.65 on pieces of paper and folded them as you would in a raffle. I then took out one piece of paper at a time and wrote it in my diary. I did this for all 365 days. Now the money I have to save is all jumbled up and easier to save and I won't be stuck with huge amounts at the end if the year

📷 Kim Louise Gillet-Mcdermott

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