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Medicine hack? Try this

Making sure you do not give your children the wrong amount of medicine can be a worry, especially when there is so much going on. We have the perfect member hack right here.

Medicine Hack Lowdown Love

What's the story?

Family Lowdown member Emma took to her keyboard to share this simple yet ingenious parenting hack that will hopefully help you all! Having a poorly kid is no fun, and having to remember when to give them medicine and how much can be a bit of a minefield. Emma had come up with a really clever way to combat this, giving you a little more time to worry about everything else and less time trying to remember when you last gave them a dose. And all you need is a pen, simple!

It is such a great way of keeping your kids and family safe so we had to share.

I feel like a genius with this idea writing the times of giving the antibiotics on the box! No more random text messages to the husband with times
P.s I’ve annoyed myself with the one 24hour clock time

The Family Lowdown members did not disappoint and added some useful thoughts such as,

"We do This in the inside of the cardboard lid! Also will do a table so I didn’t forget doses"


"Health police might come for me but the ONLY way my 8 year old would take this without almost throwing up with each dose was to have half a tea spoon of sugar ready, as soon as he swallowed the medicine he'd put the sugar straight in. Worked well as the brain sees the reward coming and also helped absorb the vile taste; just be sure to brush"

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