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Club Lowdown Downloads


Just a little something to make your life easier? That is what Club Lowdown is all about. Here you can find our downloads and all for free - enjoy!

Family Lowdown Father's Day Activity Card

Father's Day Activity Colouring Card

Write or draw (or do both) on our Father's Day card to make a free and super memorable gift!

Family Lowdown Summer Holiday Planner 2023

Summer Holiday Planner 2023

Get organised this summer with our handy planner from July-September 2023

Family Lowdown Coronation Schedule

King Charles Coronation Schedule

Get organised for the Kings Coronation weekend and download our schedule poster.

Family Lowdown Coronation Booklet

Coronation Activity Pack

Download our King Charles III Commemorative Activity Booklet to mark this historic and memorable occasion

Family Lowdown Easter Pack

Easter Activity Pack

Make Easter a little more fun with our Easter activity pack

Family Lowdown Valentines Pack

Valentines Activity Pack

Download our love-ly Valentines activity pack to keep your children entertained.

Family Lowdown 50 Christmas Holiday Ideas

50 Christmas Holiday Ideas

Christmas holidays can be difficult to navigate! This booklet is designed to make the holidays less stressful, and a lot more fun!

Family Lowdown Snow Day Activity Pack

Snow Day Activity Pack

Keep little people busy inside with our free activity pack

Family Lowdown Halloween Activity Book

Halloween Activity Book

Download our Halloween activity book to keep your children entertained.

Family Lowdown Stain Removal Guide

Stain Removal Guide

Removing stains can be hard work. Keep this guide handy for whenever you need a quick tip!

Family Lowdown Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Activity Booklet

QEII Commemorative Activity Booklet

Download our Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Activity Booklet to mark this historic occasion

Family Lowdown Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement

Show them just how amazing and capable they are with this certificate of achievement.

Family Lowdown Adult Daily Planner

Adult Daily Planner

Wanting to feel a little more organised? Take our daily planner and get on top of daily life.

Family Lowdown Alphabet Colouring

Alphabet Colouring Pack

The perfect resource when you need a colouring activity for your children - suitable for anyone who can hold a pen!

Family Lowdown Adult Daily Journal

Self Reflection Daily Journal

Take time to reflect and have a moment to yourself with our self-reflection daily journal.

Family Lowdown Gratitude Jar Worksheet

Easy Gratitude Jar Worksheet

This worksheet helps you teach children how to be a little bit more grateful - something we can all take away from!

Family Lowdown End of Year Journal

End of School Year Primary Journal

This journal will help your primary age child reflect on the past year at school - the perfect first week of holiday activity.

Family Lowdown Self Reflection Worksheets

Self Reflection Worksheets

For both kids and grown ups - take some time to reflect and find a little sanctuary in these activity sheets.

Family Lowdown Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Make amazing holiday memories by filling out our summer holiday bucket list planner.

Family Lowdown Summer Holiday Calendar

Summer Holiday Calendar

Make the summer less stressful with our summer holiday planning calendar

Family Lowdown Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List

Sometimes packing can put you off going away altogether - try our packing list and make travelling a little more joyous.

Family Lowdown Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule Planner

Always wanted to make sure you don't forget that all important birthday party or football club? This is exactly what you need.

Family Lowdown Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Finding it hard to work out what to feed the family or spending far too much on top-up shops? Our meal planner is here to help.

Family Lowdown Weekly Chore Sheet

Weekly Chore Sheet

Chores are always a chore - make it a little easier with our weekly chore sheet.

Prepare for tomorrow, do your best today

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The Family Lowdown Brand Artboards-40.png
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