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Caught on Camera: The hilarious doorbell videos that have caught your eye

With advances in technology - recordings of driveways are being shared worldwide. Come and find the latest shared into the group that had us in stitches!

thats a cat wrap

What's the story?

Family Lowdown member Hannah Bowen kick started this hilarious thread;

After reading another post about Ring doorbells, can we have a thread here with funny videos from said doorbells please. We all need a laugh

We had classic responses from members such as,

"When my husband fell out of a first floor balcony whilst helping the neighbours move their sofa."

"it’s a good one….. this is my husband after watching the rugby with the lads He had no recollection of falling or how his head was bleeding etc the next morning…then I saw this treasure "

"This is me caught on someone's cctv clean knocking myself out trying to get a piggy back. Dress over my head and the biggest lump on my head you've seen and I still carried on until 5am "

With comments such as,

"watch some of these I’ve screamed laughing x"


"They have all had me laughing so funny"


"coming back to this thread later "

These really are worth a watch...thank us later!

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How much do you love it?

The post to date has reached over 240,800 and over 10,340 of you have engaged with it in some way.



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