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Lowdown Chat: Roblox Robux

Gem asked the group their opinion on her daughter's online spending plan. This is what you had to say...

Top Chat Online Spending Roblox Robux

What has got your talking this week?

A simple question from author Gem Alexander - that has reached over 164k of you with over 1700 comments.

Hi all! Can you all please back me up here!! I'm apparently the worst ever for saying no. Basically, my daughter was given 200 quid for her birthday for a particular present from her uncle (a game console), she also got smaller amounts of money from other family. She's now decided she wants to spend 300 quid on the game ROBLOX. This money was for presents, not an online game. She wanted to spend that amount of money on Roblox for a while but I've always said no as its impossible and insane to me! Am i so wrong in saying no?! The past few days since her birthday, I've gone from being the best mum ever to being the worst apparently. Help! I've got major mum guilt and ended up in tears earlier

It's all in the comments.

The discussion on the subject created a lot of reactions on the subject...

Some examples of your reactions;

Sophie Lewis,

"Absolutely not! My son is forever wanting to spend 100s of pounds on that game. Don't get me wrong, I do give him a lot for it but I would never let him spend all that in one go.

He's a great little saver and has 100s saved up but hell no will I be letting him spend 100s at a time on a bloody game "

Wendy Clarke,

"Since when have online games been hundreds of £s? That’s crazy money"

Lora Higgins,

"Accept the mum guilt you will feel bad about not giving her want she wants but you have made the right decision kids have no idea of the value of money I honestly think that they think it grows on trees stay strong mama"

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