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Lowdown Chat: How to Stop Drowning

Want to know how to stay on top of daily life? This is what the group had to say when asked exactly that. Read their advice right here.

We had a post this week that read;

‘How on earth do people stay on top of kids, work, house work, DIY, cooking, shopping, home admin etc etc etc... I'm drowning’

We were like, yep - us too!

Read on to find out what other people said…

"I don’t….my bedroom has a layer of dust, my walls are covered in crayon and playdoh, under the sofa has become a no man’s land for pens and small toys, and dust balls…..the garden is overgrown and I’ve got stickers stuck across my living room furniture and carpets…..but, we have clean clothes, we are washed and we eat. The bills are paid….that’s good enough for me at the moment. That’s with a two year old and five month old EBF baby…and a partner to help."

"You clean and run around till you die basically. When people work out online and post their shakes with "no excuses" I often find myself hoping they stub their toe immediately because I'm exhausted."

"You don’t my lovely. Good for those who manage without breaking a sweat. I am not one of them. The reality is 50 years ago women weren’t expected to do all this AND work. That’s not how it worked. We all now work, yet often without the family support that would’ve come 50 years ago, & what’s more we are pressurised from every direction to do it all perfectly, which is impossible. I’m really not convinced this is what the feminists envisaged but here we are. I have no words of wisdom (well done to those who are smug and smashing it) but sending love and saying there are those out there feeling the same. Don’t always expect the sisterhood to get behind you on this - remember the patriarchy have lots in place to make sure that doesn’t happen. Rant over."

"You don't. You just do the best you can. If the washing sits on the couch for weeks before its folded, who cares."

"Nobody does. It’s the lie we’ve been fed that we can have it all and do it all. Either you earn enough to end up paying other people to do the cleaning and housework, or if your really rich to nanny your kids or we try do it all ourselves and fail. It’s not possible be a career women, mum, wife and housekeeper all at once. Too many hats. The best we can do is jiggle them all and accept that you will drop one or two frequently."

"One thing I've noticed is when I become more addicted to scrolling on my phone that doing anything about the list of things I need to get done. my right eye I can see a basket of washing and 2 airers...but I'm my left eye, I can see the open packet of giant chocolate buttons and my phone. So I'm scoffing the buttons and scrolling my phone even though that basket isn't going anywhere I would love to have that perfect life we all think people have but in reality, no one does, these people simply only exist in our minds."

"I felt like this, take a step back let it go wild take a breather for a min an hour even a day if needed. Dust yourself off put your crown back on and go ahead and smash it!!"

"When my twins (numbers 5 & 6) came along I realised I had to let some things go! The house isn't as tidy as it used to be, not much gets ironed, the children don't get daily bath, etc. You sometimes just need to adjust your expectations and give yourself a break. My family is happy, loved and mostly have what they need on the day they need it!"

"Generally, if I'm doing well in one area, I'm neglecting another."

"Totally know how you feel and by the weekend I'm exhausted."

"Make a list from order of importance. For housework, I often set myself an hour & use a timer and just see how much I can get done. It’s amazing how much you can achieve. Batch cooking, slow cooked meals etc - less time in the kitchen & less washing up! Go easy on yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Times are hard."

"I have no idea, if you find out please let me know…"


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