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Halloween every day

When Jessica Anderson does Halloween she goes spook-tacularly crazy for it. Find out more about this Lowdown Love direct from our facebook community group.

Halloween Activities and Food Ideas

Finding something to decorate your house or flinging on a sheet with the eye holes cut out as a quick 'ghost' costume is not the approach that takes place in the Anderson household.

Jessica takes Halloween very seriously and has been impressing group members with her daily posts of food, decorations, activities and eye-popping ghastly ghoulishness (if that's a word?).

We have captured some of her amazing daily posts right here so you can scroll them all in one go. There are some wonderfully creative ideas here - so be impressed, be scarily impressed!

Halloween Themed Activities and Food

Halloween themed day #1 of 31:

DINNER: mummy’s scorpion pie , shiska-baby and life potion to drink

DESSERT: lucky rat tails (licorice) , boook brownie, Sissster cup cakes , cauldron brownie bites , cookies and Halloween pretzels .

MOVIE: Hocus Pocus

ACTIVITY: Bubble Cauldrons

CRAFT: Paper plate black cats

BOOK: Little kitten

Click here to see today's video (you need to be a group member to see this)

Halloween themed day #2 of 31:

DINNER: Mexican graveyard dish with chips and salsa . Vampire blood to drink (raspberry juice)

DESSERT: Witches brooms

MOVIE: Spookley the square pumpkin

ACTIVITY: Spider ice rescue (glow in the dark too )

CRAFT: Puffy paint Ghost

BOOK: Gustavo the shy ghost

Halloween themed day #3 of 31:

DINNER: Jack o’lantern stuffed peppers Green worms (green beans) and Black cat juice to drink

DESSERT: homemade gummy eyeballs

MOVIE: The haunted mansion

ACTIVITY: making window clings

CRAFT: Spooky Trees

BOOK: Brina

Halloween themed day #4 of 31:

DINNER: mummy dogs , mummy scabs (Italian potatoes) and zombie brains (manchego and garlic cauliflower) . Full moon magic juice to drink.

DESSERT: Dirt cups with homemade gummy worms

MOVIE: Frankenweenie

ACTIVITY: Static Ghost

CRAFT: Candy corn mosaic

BOOK: The scariest story you’ve ever heard

Halloween themed day #5 of 31:

DINNER: Monster Burgers , Swamp fries, Witches noses (pickles) and eye of newt juice

DESSERT: Mummy Oreos

MOVIE: Spooky buddies

ACTIVITY: Potion making

CRAFT: 3D Pumpkins

BOOK: Room on the broom

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To find more inspirational posts from Jessica on her Halloween these, head to the group and use the search function:


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