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Is Tui Blue for you?

I’ve never travelled with Tui before. It’s not for any other reason than it’s just never come top of the list when looking for a break away.

Open minded in the sense I don’t have much to compare it with, I definitely felt the extra bit of care and attention that you just wouldn’t get if you’d booked a hotel or air bnb or on a DIY deal. What's Tui Blue? Well, that is a brand, but one that should give you confidence if you book this type of hotel. You can read up on this hotel brand/concept here.

Tui Blue - Landing with confidence.

The moment we landed the Tui branded welcome desk and reps make me breathe a sigh of relief. Relief that we knew where we were going and who to talk to. There’s nothing worse than walking through the opaque sliding doors into arrivals and having no clue who/what to look for or where to go. Or just simply knowing you didn’t have to figure it all out for yourself. You just want to get there as quickly as possible, so having a big blue board with Tui branding and obvious red Tui smile was comforting. We were whisked off to possibly the cleanest coach in Europe (my husband is a coach geek and he was extremely impressed!) The rep explained what we were doing and in no time at all (20 mins or thereabouts) we were arriving at the impressively large hotel entrance.


Food with two children and a man child husband is always the main focus of any our our holidays. This need was met as soon as we arrived where the lovely hotel manager explained dinner service was just ending so to please dump the bags by reception and head to the restaurant. The second biggest relief of the evening. I can’t count how many times a day I hear the phrase “I’m hungry” so to have that covered was the biggest bonus!

The food throughout the stay was incredible. I’ve been at higher star rating hotels than this and they did not compare. The displays were exquisite, the freshness was really clear - no greasy trays of meat swimming in fatty grease or oil, just lots of choice and enough to satisfy day in day out. It’s the age old Trip advisor review - food too samey, food repeated, no choices, had to eat out. Trust me, you will not be needing to locate a local eatery here if you don’t want to. And the highlight? The wee pint size kids buffet that had a nice variety of kid friendly choices Nutella on tap. Yes chocolate on tap - kids sorted. 


Evening entertainment at Tui Blue Gran Canaria is filled with incredibly vibrant shows and performances, not all west end standard (we weren’t expecting them to be) but just good, classic hotel entertainment. From live music and dance spectacles to themed nights and interactive activities (the quizzes were great) there's never a dull moment after the sun sets. The entertainment team work ridiculously hard - but the one thing I could really feel here was each and every one was seriously enjoying the ride. Whether you're looking to unwind with a cocktail in hand or join in the lively festivities (and one of our group was a Nats hair away from getting on stage to start belting out “Let it go” at the Frozen on Disney night!), there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Failing that, there’s the arcade and what child can resist the lure of neon lights or a speed racing bike to sit on. This also provided ample opportunity for serious bribes to get both big and little children to behave at dinner time. 

Young guests.

For the little ones, Tui Blue offers a range of children's entertainment programs through the day designed to spark imagination and create lasting memories. Well that’s what the brochure would say - let’s be honest it’s to give you a well earned break from the monkeys. And rest we got - for two glorious hours morning and afternoon. If your kids aren’t the leave-them-and-get-on-with-it types then there’s Aqua aerobics and a game poolside in the morning and usually another something mid afternoon so if they insist on hanging around like a bad smell then make sure you are there for those activities. Water bingo was especially fun! The Tui Blue app is so useful to find out really easily what is going on. One morning we player Boccia, and our son won, to his delight received a certificate at the evening entertainment which meant he got called up to the front. He was so chuffed!

Going back to the food - if you’ve had a great time by the pool and really cannot be bothered to get dressed for lunch, or if your little ones just won't wait, the snack bar near the pool has the best snacks I think I’ve ever had at an all inclusive. One day we had a full range of Mexican, build your own tacos, nachos, salads and Mojito flavoured slushie! You’d have to add your own rum, but this worked especially well when someone came up with the bright idea of adding lager (also on tap!) The self serve elements were all second to none. I would also say that the Breville style sandwich/panini toaster to make you own toasties was a stroke of genius!


Most people want to know what the rooms are like, so as I had a little sneak-peek of a few of the different types of accommodation this hotel had to offer (combined with previous experience) here is a brief run down.

Tui Blue Orquidea has some larger family rooms, with a separate main bedroom, and twin beds for kids. These don't take over the room so a really great options, especially if you have teens and want to head to bed before them. they also have two bed options but these are slightly harder to come by.

At the Orquidea you are likely to end up in a room with a split level - two sofas that convert into beds below and a twin up top. We loved the full size single bed options in the living area - we have seen many a pull out/put-you-up style couch scenario which doesn't work for so many kids as they either won't share or are just too big to. These gave both kids plenty of space to stretch out without disturbing the other.

Tui Blue Las Pitas is a collection of double storey villas, split into two separate apartment style rooms. You want privacy from the kids or the in laws? In Las Pitas you have it. Set on the hillside, there area. a few apartments that are on the ground floor with a vast expanse of grass in front (we even saw some children playing out here while we walked around). The quieter location will suit some more, and that will more than adequately compensate for the extra walk.

Tui Blue Tres Vidas is possibly my favourite out of all four hotels on this site. For the budget conscious, self catering options are available, you wouldn't go wrong staying in any of these hotels, but I liked the larger living space in these split-level apartment style rooms. There was a cute little bed area for the kids, and a nice size lounge. But the main attraction for me was the grassed areas in the front of each room/apartment - and as the name suggests, many of these have a sea view. If you don;t, you are likely to be in front of the playground and if, like me, you have boisterous kids who constantly need ways to expend their energy then you will thoroughly appreciated the added bonus of a rassy area fro them to kick a ball or even being within spitting distance of the park. I think if I had runaway toddlers, the short walk from some gardens to the path that leads to the beach may make me choose Las Pitas instead.

And last but not least the mini complex Tui Blue Playa Feliz houses it's own pool and restaurant - but still shares teh activities programme with the Orquidea and is so close you could wander along the front and believe it is the same hotel. Recommended for those who may enjoy a slightly quieter pool area - the rooms consist of villa-style split level maisonette rooms and studios, with a separate living area and bedroom. Both ideal for those hwo want a bit of rivacy from the kids, or even those looking for a multi-generational trip away wityh the parents. I could see the maisonette style rooms being great for that as you are on a different floor, with the dwnstairs bedrooms being set right at the back allowing for some privacy on both levels.

Out and about.

Beyond the resort's boundaries lie the beaches and mountains - the natural beauty of Gran Canaria - waiting to be explored. You might just want to stay put in your hotel, which is of course completely acceptable, but if you like exploring there’s plenty to be explored. The landscapes include rugged mountains, golden sand dunes (the Maspalomas dunes are just a short bus journey away), the island offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

I’d never really considered the history of Gran Canaria, but on our family day out (with Tui guide at hand) we found out a lot about all the external influences on the island - and a lot from South America which in my mind was just far too far away to have any influence - but what do I know about Gran Canarian history - not a lot as it turned out!

We also had the opportunity to visit the Aquarium - which was stunning. If you get the chance, do make sure you visit. It was so well laid out, and had the most incredible giant aquarium - it is one of the biggest in the world!

Closer to home there's a little square with a bar (open late) and some restuarants, so if you fancy a chnage of scenery from the incredible hotel food you have the option.

Our verdict.

So go. Don’t hesitate - you won’t regret your decision. If you are a larger family group, or with little ones I’d recommend booking at the Tui Blue Tres Vidas and if your children are a bit older or you want a more chilled atmosphere - go for the Tui Blue Playa Feliz .

The hotels are close enough together so whichever you book you are not far from anything. The only thing I would say is if you have accessibility concerns, the Tui Blue Las Pitas  is not the one - but a lovely spot if you are happy to walk up a few steps.

For more holiday information and deals in Balhia Feliz, Gran Canaria click the button below.



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