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Lowdown Chat: Shaggy dog story?

Finding the right breed of dog can be a very important part of looking for a new pet pooch to join your family. We take a look into what the group had to say for on specific request...

Freedom lowdown chat

Ellis Walsh needed advice, so she came to the biggest hive mind we know and asked;

We're wanting to get a pup to join our family...we know roughly the breeds we prefer but wanting opinions/help from others.. looking for a smallish dog, very minimal shedding and good with children as we have a 10,7 &2 year old.
Also where's the best places to look to buy a pup as I keep seeing breeders but they're wanting thousands just for cross breeds.. I've looked at rescues but we aren't eligible due to having young children..

Over three thousand of you had your say on this post! With over 191,000 having read it.

Read on to find out what people from Family Lowdown had to say:

"100% staffy amazing dog, minimal shed, the best dogs ever to have with kids of all ages, very affectionate, loyal and obedient. Only fault I have is they have smelly farts"

"We're getting a cockapoo soon from a breeder locally based, the breed meets the criteria you have mentioned and we're paying £1300 for her so not cheap but not as high as prices you've seen."

"I have a tea-cup Che didn't think about them having a small bladder and then found out that they tend to have accidents due to this i wouldn't get 1 as small as it .

I did look into them read up before I got him but never thought of that .I had a Jack Russell ( longer legged one taken it in at 7yrs old) the best dog i had ,great with kids ,very clever, need long walks .xxx"

"Most definitely Toy or Miniature Poodle I have 2 very easy to train great with my children non shedding. When buying make sure all vet checks have been done the vet can provide a vet certificate to say it’s been checked over, make sure you see with mum and also that they have been wormed and socialised within a good environment. Also know when buying how much you will need to pay for getting your pet groomed and insurance most breeds need to be groomed every 4-8 weeks."

"We have 2 pomeranians, 12weeks old now and they are perfect, no shredding, great with my daughter whose 5 and dont grow too big or need long walks"

"Havanese, non shedding and great with kids. We have 4 and we love them so much. They love the kids and spend their evenings laying with the children. Gorgeous breed but can't be left alone too long. They need regular grooming. Kennel club have a list of breeders."

"Our dashund is perfect for our family I have a 5 8 and 16 year old and she loves them all and she hardly sheds any fur "

"Can you get to Crufts? Discover dogs is brillant for being able to get up close and ask questions to over 200 breeds.If you want something low shedding poodles. Everything that makes the doodles etc popular comes from poodles."

"Staffies 100% they always want to be involved "


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