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Lowdown Chat: Frozen solid?

Keeping your freezer under control may not always be top of the priority list, which is probably why this topic of discussion sparked a lot of interest among our community.

Freedom lowdown chat

One of our members needed some very simple advice;

Best way to defrost a freezer please

Over seven thousand had their say on this post! With over 246,000 having read it.

Read on to find out what people from Family Lowdown had to say:

"Put it in the microwave"

"I know this isn’t recommended but I also switch it off and use a hairdryer, and a cake spatula to ease chunks off. It’s very therapeutic when the large chunks fall off. However, the correct way is to turn it off, leave it open and let it melt, then clean and dry before turning on again. Remember you need towels and baking trays etc to catch all the water."

"turn off. put a bowl of boiling water at bottom close door and come back later and scrape. put down towels and tray first."

"Turn it off and put outside (if not raining)"

"Switch it off, bowls of boiling hot water on the shelves and lots of towels"

"Don't chip it at could damage the elements xx"

"Switch it of all night ,leave door open put dish in to catch some of the water and put towels down .Make sure you defrost every bit of ice if you don will freeze over quickly again ,they should be defrosted least event 6 months .

The reason they freeze like this is usually door hasn't been closed right xx"

"Warm concentrates salt water spray will increase the defrost rate"

"Turn it off, open door, towels on floor and await the great melt! DO NOT use a hairdryer...!!"

"Hot water bottle in there will do the trick. "

"I actually did it as a kid and I damaged the fridge, damn oh did I go through hell that day, gas leaked and fridge was expired, had to get a new one. best switch it off overnight but do it when it's about empty as you can't store fridge items elsewhere unless you have a spare fridge.!

"Turn off freezer fill bowls (metal is better but plastic will do) with boiling water and place in freezer closing door to keep in heat repeat when water is cold."

Family Lowdown would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that any advice taken from the group is done so at your own risk and we will not be held liable for anything, ever. Just so we are clear.

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