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Kids caught short? We have the solution

“I need a wee!” - the phrase we all dread as parents when out and about with kids in tow. Zoë Chapman, a single Mum from London has a simple solution.

Toilet out and about Potty Training

The Perils of Potty Training

Passing the first hurdles that come with the induction into the dreaded potty training phase can feel like a never-ending race just to reach the start line. The conflicting advice, the range of products on offer and the uncertainty over if your child is even ready yet.

Just like our children’s personalities, how their growing bodies adapt to the change in their toileting routine can be just as unique and unpredictable.

To add to the pressure on parents to master this stage before school, the resources and support available vary greatly too. Not to mention adding a health condition like autism or a common yet often undiagnosed hormone deficiency.

These factors plus the taboo around talking ‘toilets’ can leave you battling in silence behind closed doors for years.

New Hope for Frequent Toilet Visits and Potty Training

Thankfully there is now new hope, not just for potty training but for frequent toilet goers beyond the toddler years.

Zoë Chapman, a single Mum from London struggled with these pain points herself which led to her inventing the latest must-pack item, aptly named the Whizzer.

The Handheld Compact Loo

The handheld compact loo is made from soft silicone and, once constructed, is designed to give the child privacy and prevent mess. Once used, unlike a potty, you can seal the Whizzer by replacing the spout for the lid. The innovative leakproof internal funnel allows you to safely carry it around in your bag until you’re able to dispose of the contents.

Compact and Colourful

No more lugging around a huge potty long after little ones can predict their ones from their twos. No more messy ‘wild wees’ with splashed clothes, shoes and the embarrassing street rivers left behind. And no more undignified set-ups of potties in public where we encourage kids to relax while they’re exposed and you’re anxious.

Instead, the colourful range of Whizzers has captured the enthusiasm of children who enjoy the independence, novelty and accompanying Fairytale story.

The idea of sending your magical wee to Whizzerland to bring much needed power to the homes of Whizzie fairies who are desperate to sing, dance and charger their iPads is a challenge that captivates the hearts of kids who aren’t otherwise motivated to interrupt their playtime to visit the toilet.

Getting Out & About with Ease

For the millions of kids that have sensory challenges, the Whizzer has come to the rescue as the personal toilet that takes away the anxiety of change outside of the home. The noise of hand driers, the coldness of toilet seats and the unavoidable queues are the top reasons that lead to a ruined day leaving many families who just can’t face it at all.

This has left too many parents and carers at a loss of how to solve this freedom limiting crisis. Through Zoë’s company, Kiddiwhizz she hopes that the increase in awareness that will come as a result of the Whizzer will encourage parents to talk more openly about their struggles of such a seemingly basic human necessity.

The Portable Toilet for Adventures

So, whether you’re heading off in the car or public transport for a day out somewhere this half term, or maybe planning a holiday abroad get a taste of sun, sea and sand again (and lets not forget those of you who prefer a camping trip). One thing is for certain, you’ll be in need of a Whizzer to save your sanity at some point on the family adventure!

You’ll be seeing Whizzer users pop-up in theme park queues, playgrounds and the backs of your local Primark a lot more so offer a reassuring fellow parenting nod where possible to signal that we all have those moments when it can’t wait - and that’s okay!

And for all the Mum’s who say, what about us?! Keep an eye out on Kiddiwhizz as the adult version is reportedly getting closer to production!

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