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Lowdown Chat: Youtube ban or fan?

A serious subject for many, we don't take these things lightly - how you take your tea has been a hot topic of discussion in the group. Read on to find out what you had to say...

Tea lovers lowdown chat

Sarah started a very interesting discussion in the group this week that read;

How are people successfully keeping their kids off YouTube? Every now and again I get very angry at myself for failing get my kids off YouTube. I put guided access on the phones but my husband lets the PIN slip, can’t block YouTube on my router, don’t know why internet providers make this really difficult. Kids are 6 and 9.

Over one thousand of you had your say on this post! With over 146,100 people reading.

Read on to find out what people from Family Lowdown had to say:

"I just tell my kids what they are and are not allowed to watch. They always have to ask before watching something at all, sometimes I just say no. They don’t have their own tech so they have to ask to access ours. Then we negotiate what they can watch and for how long. I believe that having to come through us to access it at all helps. They are 8 and 12. No phones or tablets of their own - just like when I was a kid, I had to ask if I could use the telephone or watch TV!"

"Lots of comments saying uninstall & don't let them have it. Firstly we get homework that requires watching youtube video's second if they are allowed it (may be limited) they can learn to use these things safely. Devices, apps etc. are their future, they need to be able to use them and to be safe."

"Crikey how did we all survive as kids without YouTube?? Some of these comments are truly terrifying!! Do people not understand that social media is specifically engineered to be highly addictive? Many kids (& adults) will struggle to stop watching it once they start, so why even go there in the first place? The little darlings will survive without it. Question is, will the parents manage without their “down time” when the kids are silently glued to YouTube for hours on end"

"Computers phones and other gadgets kill the child's brain they have no imagination skills also forget how to roll play

I've seen mum's and dad's take gadgets away from the kids and the anger issues with the child/children is atrocious"

"Don't be a hypocrite. If you were their age you'd be doing the same thing. Just because it wasn't around when you were younger doesn't mean it's not right for them"


The app off the device and block usage of safari. You can do it in the settings.

I did it for years until I thought my kids were old enough."

"I think it's more about what they are doing on YouTube... As a concept it's not an issue. I also think the enhancement of learning with technology is really bringing kids on. Maybe just be content aware and encourage them to make the right choices around their viewing. I think trying to prise a device away from a child is only going to end in tears, from both sides and in all honesty you aren't nurturing a trust between yourself and your child, you are putting up walls if you are heavy handed and your child will do it anyway and find ways to deceive you."

"No different to any adult watching crappy soaps for 30 years really! My internet is that protected with a 16 and 14 year old I can’t even get the lottery results up? Xx"

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