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Fabulous festive food for babies and toddlers

Need some ideas to keep little hands out of the Quality Street? Read on to discover five festive recipes for babies and toddlers we think you’ll love.

Christmas Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

The festive season is a special time of year, full of family fun, parties and celebrations. But for parents it can also be a stressful time, trying to keep little ones happy and healthy when indulgence, chocolates and sweets are all around!

Leading children’s food brand Organix has put together their top tips and festive recipes to help families stay healthy & food-happy throughout the Christmas season, and make sure they’re having stress-free fun along the way!

Christmas food for babies and toddlers

This cheerful and festive Christmas tree tart is a winner with little ones and adults alike, and is a great centrepiece on any festive table.

Packed full of vegetables, it’s a seasonal treat option that means little ones will get even more of their five-a-day

This recipe is suitable for 10+ months.

Christmas tree tart recipe for toddlers

Organix Cheese Straw Christmas Canes

These cheese straw candy canes are just as pretty as the sweeter versions, with a healthier twist.

Little ones will love helping make them into their twisty shapes, and once baked, they’re the perfect festive treat for the whole family to enjoy!

This recipe is suitable for 12 months+.

Candy cane cheeses straws recipe for babies

Organix Snowman Fun Plate

This inventive Christmas tree fun plate is suitable for children aged 12 months+, but you can tailor it to suit older pallets too!

With steamed carrot stems, cucumber trees, cooling yoghurt snow and our apple Rice Cake Clouds for a snowman, it really looks the part - and is fun to arrange too!

Organix Zesty Apple and Orange Tartlets

These festive little tartlets are a wonderful thing to bake with your little ones - and we guarantee they’ll enjoy rolling out and cutting the pastry!

Filled with apples, oranges and raisins, they’re a delicious treat, topped with a Christmas star to make them look even more festive!

Organix’s Christmas Pudding

Finally, what’s more Christmassy than a Christmas pudding? This is Organix’s very own version, full of raisins, dates and apples.

This recipe is suitable for 12 months+.

Christmas pudding baby recipe

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