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101 stocking filler ideas for under £10

Christmas stockings have been a festive tradition around the world for centuries. They’re pictured on millions of Christmas cards each year and are often featured in any film or advert depicting Christmas.

Stocking Fillers - Traditional Gifts

Every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas stockings, too. From what you use – be it a knitted one your Nan made, a pillowcase, or even your Grandad’s old sock – to whether you hang it by the fireplace or on the door handle.

But the biggest question of all is - what do you fill your Christmas stockings with?

Again, there are many popular traditions when it comes to stocking fillers, like a satsuma, a toothbrush or maybe some chocolate coins. And we’ve all heard the horror story of the little girls and boys who got coal in their stocking if they’d been naughty.

Cheap Stocking Filler Ideas

With many people feeling the pinch as the festive season dawns, it can be a struggle to think of things to fill your kids’ stockings that they’ll love but that won’t break the bank. So here’s the lowdown on the 101 best stocking filler ideas for under a tenner.

There’s something for everyone on this list (even the big kids), because despite what your parents might tell you, you’re never too old for a stocking!

Hair & beauty

1. Hair clips

2. Scrunchies

3. Tangle Teezer

4. Lip balm

5. Nail polish

6. Nail file

7. Make-up brushes

8. Transfers/tattoos


9. Face mask

10. Face wipes

11. Pocket tissues

12. Hand sanitiser

13. Shower gel

14. Travel size shampoo & conditioner

15. Flannel/sponge

16. Body spray/deodorant

17. Toothbrush/toothpaste

For the bath

18. Bath bomb

20. Bath toy

21. Bubble bath

Edible gifts

23. Chocolate coins

24. Can of fizzy pop

25. Mini tube of Pringles

26. Gingerbread man

27. Mini box of cereal

28. Jelly beans

29. Chocolate Santa

30. Popping candy

31. Candy cane

32. Harribo

33. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

34. Hot chocolate cone/bomb

35. Jar of their favourite spread

Toys & games

36. Fidgets

37. Stress ball

38. Rubick’s cube

39. Bubbles

40. Play Doh

41. Dobble

42. Uno

44. Top Trumps

45. Playing cards

46. Lego mini set

47. Blind bag/surprise bag

48. Yo-yo

49. Slinky

50. Kaleidoscope

51. Mini game

52. Toy cars

53. Joke book

54. Whoopee cushion

56. Slime

57. Glow sticks

59. Cuddly toy


60. Activity book

61. Magazine

62. Stickers

63. Crayons

64. Pencils

65. Pens

66. Highlighters

67. Craft set

68. Colouring book

69. Notebook

70. Post-It notes

71. Eraser

72. Sellotape

74. Pritt Stick


75. Socks

76. Underpants

77. Slipper socks

78. Gloves

Accessories & gadgets

79. Keyring

80. Mini torch

81. Magnet

82. Personalised cable clip

83. Earphones

84. Calculator

86. Pack of seeds

87. Bracelet

88. Earrings

89. Toy watch

For the big kids

90. Bottle opener

91. Miniature bottles of alcohol

92. Cocktail in a can

93. Scratch card/lottery ticket

94. Car air freshener

95. Novelty ice scraper

96. Bottle of hot sauce

97. Mini vibrator

98. Willy warmer

99. Ear plugs

100. Voucher for their favourite coffee shop

101. Scented candle


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