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18 Super Simple World Book Day Costume Ideas

Worried about finding a costume (or affording one) for World Book day? We have rounded up some of your best ideas for quick, cheap and easy costumes!

World book day costumes

Low Cost Low Effort World Book Day Costumes

World Book Day is a celebration of books, reading, and storytelling. Most schools get your kids to participate by dressing up as a character from your favourite book. This can of course add another thing to the mental load so we have come up with some ideas to help you out.

Here are some easy costume ideas for World Book Day, if you are feeling particularly rushed and don't mind spending a little money we have created a ready made shopping list right here:

Harry Potter


Grab a pair of round glasses, a cloak, and a wand, and you’re ready to go as the famous wizard. You can even draw the lightening bolt onto their forehead with make up if you want to. You can find a glasses and wand set below - just click on the image.


Similar to Harry minus the glasses and lightening bolt scar. To add to the costumes, if you have long hair you could back comb it a bit to male it more frizz, or plait it over night to make it curly, then ruffle it up a bit o it isn't too perfect!

The Cat in the Hat

Wear a red and white striped shirt, black pants, and a tall red and white hat. You could make the hat - try this super super easy video to help you. Or if you wanted to build one that you can wear, try covering a hat you already own )possibly an Easter bonnet style hat with a brim) with a tube of card, either paint it or stick on red stripes and then cover the brim with another circle of white card.

You can carry a book or umbrella for added effect.

Alice in Wonderland

Wear a blue dress, apron, and white tights, if you have one, you can carry a stuffed white rabbit or a pocket watch!

You could go quirky Alice 2.0 - check out the costume below for inspiration:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Cut out paper circles of different colours and glue them to a green shirt. Add antennae and green leggings, and you're all set.


Wear a plain dress, cardigan, glasses, and carry a book. A blue dress and white tights is a good option for this if you have them.

Where the Wild Things Are

Cut out paper shapes to create monster claws and glue them to gloves. Wear a monster-like fur hood and carry a wooden stick.

Little Red Riding Hood

Wear a red hooded cloak, a basket, and carry a stuffed wolf.


For this, you can wear a brown sack, carry a large dream jar, and carry a horn. Work out how to make a dream jar and ears right here:

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket

This one can just include normal clothes - if you have some tatty ones even better! Make a golden ticket and the look is complete!

Willy Wonka

Wear a purple top hat, a coat, and carry a cane.

The Giving Tree

Cut out branches from a tree and glue them to a shirt. Add green leggings and a smile, and you're all set to become the Giving Tree.

Harry & his bucket full of dinosaurs

Just a blue bucket (with some dinosaurs in) needed for this one! In these books, Harry wears different outfits in different books. Jeans and a red hoody or red t-shirt feature quite heavily so these would be a good option if you have them.

Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs

Burglar bill

A burglar costume consists of a striped black and white t-shirt, a mask and a 'bag of swag'. You could look for a sack or cotton bag, or even a block bag and cut out letters saying 'SWAG' to stick on.

A Pirate

You will need a tea towel or scarf to tie round the head. You can make an eye patch and use ripped up old shirts or a striped t-shirt for the top and old shorts or black trousers and a large buckled belt.

You can be quite creative with a pirate outfit, with old jewellery (check this is ok with school first!) raggedy clothes, waistcoats and whatever else you might find in the back of the wardrobe or in a charity shop!

A Dictionary

Cut out words and stick them all over any outfit. Something plain works best to make the words stick out!

Diary of a wimpy kid

This is a really simple one - this video below shows you how to make a really easy mask to complete your costume. Black shorts and a black or dark rucksack and a school polo t-shirt should be fairly simple to make this work.


Dress up as an evacuee using simple, plain clothes. Shirt and brown trousers (if you have them) or a simple plan dress. A white shirt or bouse, and cardigan or tank top would also work well.

Make a tag and evacuee gas mask box using this great tutorial here.

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless. Get creative, have fun, and happy World Book Day!


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