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The 5 best pieces of shapewear for women

Buying shapewear that actually works can feel like a total lottery. Will it slide down, roll up or at best, keep my rolls in? Here are my 5 best pieces of shapewear, ranked. Because no-one should have to attempt trying them on if they don’t have to.

The best shapewear: Ranked

You have to believe me when I say that I am a shapewear aficionado. Even since before having kids, I’ve been battling the bulge. No matter how much exercise or dieting I did, I never quite had the silhouette I wanted when it came to wearing anything remotely slinky. So most of the weddings I attended in my twenties were spent with mild back ache whilst I sucked my tummy into knickers that would make even Bridget Jones gasp.

The good news is that since then, shapewear has come on leaps and bounds. Not only is there a huge amount of choice now, but the actual shapes of shapewear have changed. So whether you’ve got eyes for a full bodysuit or just some hold in pants, not only do they exist in a variety of colours and sizes, but they’re also easy to find online. The issue is, do they work?

Invest in the right shapewear

So, choice of shapewear is good. But not at the expense of quality. And shapewear that lacks strength, support and durability is probably a waste of money. And the other thing to mention is that good shapewear doesn't need to be bought regularly. One or two good pieces should last you a while so it’s worth investing in the right piece.

Here are my top five items of shapewear that I have bought, worn and washed and lived to tell the tale. Ranked.

It isn’t often that I am evangelical about an item of clothing, let alone underwear, but these really are the cream of the crop when it comes to shapewear. What stands out for me is the fact they are super comfy yet also suction everything it in - as the brand name suggests - in a miraculous way. I wore them as a bridesmaid recently and was on the go for nearly 12 hours and they didn’t bother me one bit. I felt slimmed and myself, and really vitally, was able to go to the loo easily too. They’re not cheap, but they're brilliant quality and engineering and in my view, a good investment.

These briefs (although they’re not very brief as they go right up to your bra!) are brilliant if you’re not looking for shapewear that has shorts. They’re really strong, supporting and firm and are relatively easy to put on and off. The material is super high quality - thick but not too thick and with enough stretch to roll yourself in but not be uncomfortable. After I had a c section, I needed shapewear that would do the job but not be ‘too much’ and I found these to be just the ticket. Again, not cheap but then, you want something that will last and that you can trust. This is that for sure.

These are a lot cheaper than the brands above and are under £15 a piece, but are really good if you’re looking to try shapewear for the first time or want something that is a bit more ‘everyday’ in nature. I bought a few of these after my second baby and found them really handy to keep the wobble under control and they feel supportive and firm without being difficult to wear. The material feels really high quality for the price and have been in and out of the wash with no issues. I found the sizing a bit generous so if you do want to be sucked in, size down a bit perhaps.

If you look at these on Amazon and read the reviews, you’ll see that that I’m not alone in rating them. I’ve listed them at number 4 on my list as they are pricier but truthfully, there is a very good reason for that. They are engineered to last and the material retains its stretch all day (and night), even after repeated washing. What I particularly liked about wearing these is that there are no visible lines, they are super slick. And the silicone waistband ensures they don’t roll down (no tucking into your bra for those in the know!). So, one of the ultimate smoothing pieces if you can part with your cash for the results.

Since I started wearing shapewear, Spanx have been my go to and I’ve always had a couple of pairs ready in my underwear drawer for when I need them. There are lots of Spanx styles on the market but these are my fave as they’re not too intense, hold you in and are very light. For those who know, they’re also easy to use if you need to go to the loo! The only draw back I can think of is that the material doesn’t feel as durable as some of the newer brands out there and others have reported holes appearing, but this hasn’t happened to me. A staple item in my view that always does the job.

Feel great in the perfect shapewear

The right shapewear can have a as really big impact on how you feel. And we all deserve to feel great. So happy shapewear hunting and if you do find something YOU really rate, we’d love to hear about it over in FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS.


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