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The best kitchen and bathroom organising hacks

If you’ve got a little spring cleaning bug or you're just fed up of the general mess that your family creates we’re here to help.

Getting your house in order with our kitchen and bathroom hacks

Are you trying to get your house in order? Need a fresh look or feel, or just a bit down and want to feel a sense of achievement. We definitely hear you.

At this time of year, there is often a lot more general “stuff” around the place. It can send anyone into a stressful spin when you realise there just isn’t enough room to move. Relax, we have a few ideas here that should help you declutter and tidy up the bits laying around the place.

While it can be tempting to shove everything in a cupboard and hope nobody opens it, we’ve got a better idea. In fact, we’ve got 8 ideas we really hope will help!

Here’s the lowdown on the best hacks for 8 of the most common storage and organising problems in kitchens and bathrooms. So you can ensure your house is ready for the coming year and you can relax a little and enjoy calmer surroundings without fretting about the state of the cupboards.

Kitchen hacks

Kitchen organising hacks

If you'd like to find all these ideas (and a few more) all in one handy shopping list click the button below:

1. Save space in your cupboards

Tension rods are one of the most popular and versatile ways of saving space and organising your cupboards. Add curtain ring clips and hang all your packets neatly, so you can easily find the one you want, while saving valuable cupboard space at the same time.

Transferring food items in bulky packaging – like cereals, rice and pasta – into reusable food storage containers can make your cupboard look much tidier.

Similarly, a wall-hanging dispenser for foil, cling film and kitchen roll is a fab space-saving hack that removes the need for large multiple household items clogging up your cupboards.

2. Sort out your spices

Jars of herbs and spices may only be small, but they can take over a cupboard and it can often be hard to find the one you’re looking for.

An under-shelf spice rack can fit easily into any cupboard and save you space, because it utilises the unused space underneath a shelf.

Transferring your herbs and spices into reusable pouches is a great way to save space. Then you can simply clip them onto a tension rod, as described above.

Alternatively, you can put special wall-mounted clips on the inside of your cupboard door to hold your spice jars.

3. Keep your knives safe while saving space

Knives can be dangerous when stored loose in kitchen drawers. But putting them in a knife block can take up valuable space on your kitchen worktop.

A magnetic kitchen knife holder on the wall, ensures they stay away from any little hands and don’t take up any surface space.

4. Organise your cleaning products

It’s often hard to know where to put your dish cloth or sponge to keep it hygienic and ensure it dries out. A kitchen sink organiser keeps your washing-up liquid, hand soap and cleaning utensils together. This one from MessFree even has its own soap dispenser and a little rail to hang your cloth on.

A tension rod in your cleaning products cupboard, is also great for hanging up your disinfectant sprays and saving space.

5. Hacks for small kitchens

If you’ve got a small kitchen, space is often at a premium, so it’s important to use it sensibly.

Over-the-door hanging storage pouches – often used to organise and store shoes – are a great, space-saving option that you can hang on the inside of a cupboard and store various food items or utensils.

If you’ve got a small gap in between cupboards that isn’t big enough to use effectively, get some wheel-out shelves, which are compact enough for the smallest spaces and are perfect for storing fruit and vegetables or tins, for example.

Bathroom hacks

bathroom organising hacks

To find all the ideas below, and more - head to our curated shopping list of bathroom hacks here:

1. Organising hacks for storing toiletries

If there’s a few of you in the house, the bathroom can get overwhelmed with everyone’s different toiletries.

A shower caddy is perfect for storing everyone’s products and keeps surfaces clear but keeps them within easy reach for when you need them.

If you store your make-up in the bathroom, a make-up organiser keeps everything tidy and organised, which will be a godsend when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. Here's two options if you want to see what you have, or if you want to hide it all away. The second option has three different parts so you can rearrange it or stack it however you like.

2. Organising hacks for storing loo roll

It’s a vital item for any bathroom, but loo rolls can be quite bulky and difficult to store. However, there are various stylish options to store your loo rolls without taking up too much space.

If you’ve got the room, a freestanding loo roll holder is super-simple and means that little ones can grab a new roll if they need to. A hanging loo roll storage case is also a really great alternative if you have hooks on the bathroom door, it's hidden, holds loads of rolls so win win!

Alternatively, if space is at a premium, store your loo rolls on a quirky shelf like this one. You could also use this to store rolled-up towels.

Square boxes or baskets can also be used to store loo rolls and a whole load of other items too:

3. Space-saving hacks for small bathrooms

You often need to store multiple items in your bathroom, so when storage is at a premium, you need to get savvy with space.

A toiletries organiser like this one from MessFree keeps all your toiletries that you tend to have on the bathroom countertop together in one stylish unit.

Magnetic strips, like the ones used for holding kitchen knives, are great for keeping lots of little magnetic items like tweezers, nail clippers and kirby grips together in one place.

Rolling your towels rather than folding them to store is a useful space-saving hack. Simply pop them on a shelf or use a wine rack for an alternative option.

Over-the-door hanging storage pouches can also be hung on the bathroom door to store toiletries, hairbrushes and other items you might need.

Do you have your own storage hacks to share? Don't forget to post them on the Family Lowdown community or send them to us so we can share your useful tips with everyone!


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