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EGGcellent 10 minute brunch ideas

It has been said that if you have an egg, you have a meal. We have put together some delicious egg-based brunch ideas right here.

Egg Brunch Recipes and Ideas

Easy Egg Brunch Recipes

Eggs can be cheap, full of protein and can be jazzed up or paired down depending on your mood.

Here we list some of our favourite ways to prepare and serve eggy meals

Love it or hate it?

Depending on which Marmite camp you are in, it is a surprisingly popular accompaniment for eggs. Smeared on buttered toast, or even a crumpet, and topped with an egg or two (fried, scrambled or even poached works here) somehow elevates a plain meal into a dish with a lovely umami flavour.

Under the sea

Perhaps an even more divisive option is to combine your eggs with fish - from the classic smoked salmon (top tip: a cheaper option in supermarkets is to go for the pack of trimmings - perfect for mixing with something else and significantly cheaper per kilogram than slices), to the old-school option of kippers (be prepared to be thirsty for much of the day!) or even saltier, anchovies (surprisingly subtle in an omelette).

All the veggies

An easy way to add to your 5-a-day (or is it 10 now?) vegetables in almost any form pair beautifully with eggs.

Crispy fried mushrooms offer a balance of textures, oven baked cherry tomatoes give a burst of sweetness and almost any green leaves can be added to the mix for an extra dose of fibre.

Try something new

A lovely meal for any time of day is Shakshuka, a North African / middle eastern dish which is super tasty, cheap to make and uses up store cupboard ingredients like chopped tomatoes. By frying vegetables such as peppers, onions and garlic and adding a tin of chopped tomatoes to a large pan, you create a tasty base to crack some eggs on top of. Add in any herbs or spices you like and you can experiment by crumbling in cheese. Eat with a big side of toast or crusty bread for a filling meal. Here is a great recipe to show you how it can be done.


What you will need

How to make Shakshuka

Say cheese

The list of things that are improved by cheese is endless - including eggs! Grated cheddar in an omelette, cubes of feta nestled in among scrambled eggs, fried eggs with lacy, golden, crunchy parmesan edges... Is anyone else salivating?

Parmesan Egg with Spinach

What you will need

How to make Parmesan Eggs

Some like it hot

Adding some spice to your eggs takes the marmite bite to the next level. Try spooning spicy infused oil over your egg or making some Jalepeno Popper Egg Cups for a Mexican-inspired meal.

Jalapeno Popper Egg Cups

Jalapeno egg popper recipe

What you will need

How to make Jalapeno Popper Egg Cups

The warmth of Indian spices like garam masala and cumin are a gentler way to spice up your scrambled eggs and offer such a comforting, interesting dish.

Indian Scrambled Eggs

Inidan scrambled eggs recipe

What you will need

How to make Indian Scrambled Eggs

What we love about an egg-based meal is that you can use pretty much any flavour combination to make something special out of something simple.

The choices are endless and many of them are pretty delicious! Impress friends and relatives, or whip something up for the family at the last minute to make a lunch or breakfast just a little more interesting.


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