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The Lowdown on: Black Friday 2022

Getting the best discount or deal across the Christmas season can b etricky - especially with so many discounts and offers around. We look at the Black Friday predictions and map out what to look for and when.

Black Friday Deals and Holiday Discounts

Black Friday and Pre-Christmas sales can offer us all a way of getting a cheeky little discount on our Christmas shopping - or maybe even bigger purchases you were considering anyway.

Are the sales really worth it?

The short answer is they can be - IF you were going to make the purchase anyway. We couldn't press home enough that it really can be dangerous to let the sales guide your purchases. Just stop and think about what you want to buy for Christmas or what you might need (e.g. a replacement appliance or electrical item) in some cases now may be the time to buy - but only some cases!

The team at Money Saving Expert did some research into all the deals last year, and 54% of the time, items were cheapest on Black Friday and 25% of the time pre Christmas sales were cheaper. The rest were the same. So overall it can pay to shop around black friday and in the pre-Christmas sales. What

Here's a run down of everything you will want to know (we think!). These are predictions, which means they may not be be 100% right. Although these predictions in some cases have been made for 7-8 years in a row and have been right every year so we are looking at a decent 75% success rate!


On Now:

Emma mattresses - up to 60% off (ends on 21st)

Simba mattresses: (until 25th) 45% Off Mattresses Plus 35% Off Accessories With Mattress Purchases and up to 60% Off Bed Bases

25% off 6 bottles wine or fizz at Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco

1 litre Bailey's for £10 in most major supermarkets

La Redoute: treat10 up to 50% off FREEDEL code for free delivery

Currys: (until 29th) up to 40% off discounts off 100s of items

Adidas: up to 50% off

Boots: up to 50% off

Bensons for beds: 25% off

Dreams: up to 60% off

Google Nest: up to £50 off

Etsy: (until 30th) up to 60% off

Shark: up to £220 off selected items


M&S: (until 28th) 20-50% off

French connection: (until 28th) 20% off everything

GAP: (until 27th) 50% off everything

Sainsbury's: 25% off Tu clothing (usually lasts a week)


Shop Disney: (until 27th) 30% off

Selfridges: (until 28th) 20% off clothes code, 10% off beauty and tech code


ASOS: (until 28th) 80% off everything

NEW LOOK: (until 28th) 50% off

H&M: (until 25th) 20% off

Nike: (until 28th) 25% off

IKEA: Christmas tree deal (until 24th December) all customers a £10 voucher when they buy a real fir tree for £25 – meaning you effectively get the tree for just £15.


Amazon Warehouse - extra 20% off code

Matalan: 20% off full price code (currently advertising up to 50% off)

Office: 20% off most items with code


Theatre deals: with Mastercard



Deadline to apply for the RNIB - reply from Santa for partially sited or blind

3 -12th:

AMEX shop small £5 cash back - find out more here



Baileys Sainsburys £10


Boots: £41 No7 gift set (while stocks last)


Lidl: £10 off - usually in the Daily Mail or Metro newspaper

Deadline for NSPCC Santa Letter

Suggested donation of £8


Royal Mail Free Santa Letters.

Write to: Santas Grotto Reindeerland XM4 5HQ


Christmas Veg tends to go on really cheap deals in most major supermarkets


British airways

Virgin holidays


ASOS sale

H&M Sale up to 50% (often H&M give better pre Christmas discounts than black friday ones)

If you find a great deal that we have missed off the list - let us know! You can get in touch here.

Black Friday Deals Christmas Shopping


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