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Amazing Autumn Wreaths

There are so many beautiful Autumn wreath ideas out there, we have brought together some of our favourite ones right here - see if you can sport yours!

Autumn wreath crafts

Why make an Autumn wreath?

It can be so satisfying! Collecting a variety of free materials from out and about and creating something beautiful and decorative with them can really make you feel a sense of achievement.

Is that too much like hard work, or you just don't feel particularly creative? Try our easy autumn crafts for kids out instead. You can still do the outdoorsey collecting conkers and leave part, you just avoid having to get creative yourself!

If you need some fabulous inspiration, or you just want to look at the achievements of others, we have collected together a selection of your wreaths from the group in an easy to browse gallery below.

How to make an Autumn wreath?

Not something we are particularly great at - but thankfully the group is. Here are some easy to follow posts, directly from the group which show you how they made their creation!

Hopefully this will help you out on your wreath making adventure!

Phillipa Willis created a beautiful wreath from the materials found in the image below.

To find the full post click on the button.

Kellie Ellis wrote this guide including a useful little video:

Vitalija Matuseviciute shared her daughters amazing leaf wreath here:

Family Lowdown Autumn Wreath Gallery

Enjoy this collection of amazing wreaths created by the community. Have a flick through and enjoy. If you have already posted one, can you spot your autumn wreath here?

Feeling inspired? Don't forget to share your creation with us at Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas!


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