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A Rubbish Christmas?

We are all looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy Christmas. We spoke to photographer Zephyre Rose who shared her gorgeous advent project which does just that.

A rubbish Christmas sustainable advent project

Sustainable Christmas Craft Projects

Looking for ways to create beautiful gifts and crafts in a sustainable and cost effective way has been the topic of group conversation a lot.

We saw a beautiful project by photographer Zephyre Rose and wanted to share this amazing idea with you.

Hi, lovely to meet you! Please do tell us a little but about yourself?

My name is Zephyre Rose and I am a portrait photographer based in Angus, Scotland.

We love your advent project, Is this sort of project something you do often?

I create personal editorial projects with my family and we create an Advent project every year sharing an image each day in the run up to Christmas.

Tell us about this year's project

This year, I have created 'Our Rubbish Christmas', fun portraits with the family but with an important theme, it's all been made with rubbish.

What inspired you to do this project?

Christmas is a time where we buy, buy, buy and produce so much rubbish it's actually unthinkable. With very little money to spend on Christmas this year, I decided to do what I do best, create with what I have right in front of me. So after digging through my recycling and covering myself in glitter,

I have created 24 images to share over Advent to share the important message about buying less, reusing what you already have, and reminding people that creativity costs less than you think.

You can see some of these fabulous images in the gallery below:

You can find more about Zephy and her amazing projects using the links below:


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