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Ziggy the cat and the school adventure

When Emma Roberts posted about her cheeky cat she was not expecting so much love for his village antics.

What's the story?

Emma Roberts shared her cat's story on 26th September 2022;

If a cat could be the village idiot, then that cat belongs to me He's ridiculously embarrassing. Any opportunity to visit anyone or anywhere he'll take it. His favourite haunt is the local primary school where he is known to all the children and habitually sleeps on the headmaster's desk. He took the biscuit last week though, on school photo day when my kids came out from school and handed me these, as well as their own

She later edited to add;

Edit** can't believe how much you all love this twit all those asking his name is Ziggy.

How much do you love it?

The post to date has reached over 550,000 and 128,000 of you have engaged with it in some way.




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