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101 gorgeous old-fashioned names for girls

Old-fashioned names are making a comeback – think the royal family, your grandparents’ names and even the bible. We’ve got 101 gorgeous girls’ names that are back in fashion.

Old fashioned baby girl names

Choosing Baby Girl Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision. After all, it’s something that you’re going to be saying a lot, so you need to like it.

But names are very personal, and we often make associations with them – positively or negatively – based on other people we’ve met who have the same name. Some people like to name their child after a favourite relative or famous person.

If you’re looking for a more unusual name for your baby girl, ‘old lady chic’ – as it’s being called – might be the way to go. You’ll find a number of old-fashioned names making it onto the latest list of most popular baby names in the UK.

While we might think of our parents’ names as being dowdy and unfashionable, skip back another generation to your grandparents and you might feel differently.

Just like clothing fashion, naming trends come and go. Some names date back to the bible but are just as popular now as they were back then. Who knows, your parents’ names might be in fashion when your children come to name their baby?!

Celebrities and TV shows also have a big part to play in the popular names of the moment. For instance, many people are currently taking inspiration from the royal family – with names like Lilibet, Diana, Beatrice, Zara and, of course, Elizabeth – following the popularity of hit Netflix show, The Crown.

Whether you plan to name your daughter after an older relative who has a vintage name, or you’re inspired by the celebrity world or a favourite TV show, take a look at 101 of our favourite old-fashioned names for girls. We’ve even put them in alphabetical order for you!

101 old-fashioned girls' names

Baby girl names

1. Ada

2. Agatha

3. Alexandra

4. Alice

5. Annie

6. Arabella

7. Audrey

8. Ava

9. Beatrice/Beatrix

10. Bella/Belle

11. Betsy

12. Bonnie

13. Charlotte

14. Clementine

15. Connie

16. Cora

17. Daisy

18. Darcey

19. Delilah

20. Diana/Diane

21. Dora

22. Dorothy

23. Dotty

24. Edith/Edie

25. Eleanor

26. Elizabeth

27. Elsie

28. Elspeth

29. Emily

30. Enid

31. Esme

32. Esther

33. Ethel

34. Etta

35. Evelyn

36. Evie

37. Faith

38. Flora

39. Florence

40. Francesca

41. Genevieve

42. Georgia

43. Grace/Gracie

44. Harper

45. Harriet

46. Hazel

47. Heidi

48. Henrietta

49. Iris

50. Ivy

51. Jemima

52. Joanie

53. Josephine

54. Joy

55. Julia

56. Katie

57. Lilibet/Lilibeth

58. Mabel

59. Maeve

60. Maggie

61. Maisie

62. Margaret

63. Margot

64. Martha

65. Mary

66. Matilda

67. Maude

68. May

69. Meredith

70. Millicent/Millie

71. Minnie

72. Molly

73. Nancy

74. Nellie

75. Nora

76. Olive

77. Ophelia

78. Pearl

79. Peggy

80. Penelope/Penny

81. Philippa

82. Polly

83. Poppy

84. Rebecca

85. Rita

86. Roberta

87. Rosalie

88. Rose

89. Sadie

90. Scarlett

91. Sylvie/Sylvia

92. Tabitha

93. Theodora

94. Tilly

95. Vera

96. Veronica

97. Victoria

98. Violet

99. Vivienne

100. Winnie

101. Zara

101 old fashioned baby names


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