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10 Easter Holiday Boredom Busters

If your kids are dragging their heals and pulling out the "I'm bored" card here's ten ideas to stay ahead of the game.

Keep your kids entertained this Easter

We have put together 10 quick and easy ideas to keep your offspring from moaning and whinging that they are bored. We suggest putting these idea son lollipop sticks or on little bits of paper in a jar, then when the kids are moaning about having nothing to do you can whip it out and let them pick an activity! Maybe give them the option of deciding on some ideas ot add to the jar too. Involving them with the planning can be a great way to get them excited about doing them!

1. Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist:

So an Easter egg hunt is a classic, and let's face it a great way to tire little ones out running around. This is especially great if the weather is good and you can get outside.

Our twist idea is that instead of hiding traditional Easter eggs, why not hide puzzle pieces or clues that lead to a bigger prize or a scavenger hunt? If you have little little ones you could hide a puzzle they are used to or know, so they can have fun putting it back together!

2. Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt where clues lead to the next item in an Easter basket. The final clue should lead to the Easter basket itself. You could challenge older ones to come up with their own clues.

3. Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Host an Easter egg decorating contest, either in person or online with family or friends that aren't nearby. Everyone can use traditional dyes or get creative with paint, stickers, and other decorations. You will have fun blowing out the eggs too - watch the video below to learn how to do this without making too much mess!

4. Easter Bunny Footprints

Use flour or powdered sugar to create Easter bunny footprints leading up to the Easter baskets or around the house. You could make this a part of the Easter hunt (2) or just make a trail that your kids have to follow.

5. Easter-themed Cooking/Baking

Make Easter-themed desserts such as cupcakes decorated like Easter eggs, Easter bunny-shaped cookies, or carrot cake.

6. Easter Crafts

Create Easter-themed crafts such as paper mache eggs, bunny ears headbands, or painted flower pots.

You could make 'cress heads' with empty eggs shells.

What do I need?

Empty eggs (see video above on 'how to blow out eggs')

Pens/paints to decorate

Cress seeds

Cotton Wool

How to make Cress Heads

Make a little opening at the top of your empty egg shell.

Place a little damp cotton wool inside your shell.

Sprinkle on the cress seeds. You should see growth/changes daily!

You could decorate and name your eggs - add a little personality to the little guys!

Don't worry if the result is not really edible, it's a great learning experience and something you can check in on every day to see how things are progressing.

7. Easter Card Making

Make personalized Easter cards for family and friends, using materials like construction paper, stickers, and glitter.

8. Easter Movie Night

Get some popcorn in, turn the lights down and snuggle up for a family movie night.

You could get the kids to make some little movie tickets for everyone (something for them to do while you make dinner or tidy up!)

Pick an Easter-themed movie like "Hop" or "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown."

Here's a list of Easter family movies you might like:

Hop - stream here

It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown

Prince of Egypt - stream here

The Dog who Saved Easter - stream here

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade - stream here

Rise of the Guardians - stream here

Ben Hur - stream here

Easter Sunday

The Ten Commandments - stream here

I Can Only Imagine - stream here

Peter Rabbit - stream here

Noah - stream here

9. Easter Egg Piñata

Create a piñata shaped like an Easter egg and fill it with candy and treats for a fun Easter activity. Decorate the outside of the egg with paper flowers and then have fun smashing it down!

Watch the video below for an easy way to create one using paper and glue!

10. Easter Photoshoot

Dress up in Easter-themed outfits and take photos with family and friends. You could even make a fun backdrop using Easter decorations like bunnies and eggs. Be creative and make frames or fun props to wear and hold. You could even hold a 'best photo' competition with prizes for the most creative scene photographed.


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