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Lowdown Chat: Worst Ever Christmas Present

Want to know what the worst present someone has ever received? The group was asked and this is what they had to say...

TVs in your childs room

Katy Bulldeath had a question for the group this week that read;

What's the worst Christmas present you've ever been given?
Just for a laugh, what is the worst present you have ever received? I'll go first....
I once got a half eaten box of Matchmakers!!!

Read on to find out what the group shared…

"Bio oil 2 weeks after having my son. A jumper with a hole in, and a boots gift set that had been used. All from my ex's mother!!!!"

"A meat fork and a baking tray from my husband "because I like cooking" "

"A malt loaf. And not even the 2 for a pound deal I knew the local shop had on!!"

"Wooden spoon with dried flowers from sister in law! Or “ free” plastic orchids from parents take your pick!"

"A half eaten tin of celebrations with all the best ones gone.

As a kid I got a pack of day of the week knickers with only 4 days in the packet

Both from the same family member. We’ve not spoken in 6 years now because apparently I didn’t offer her a bacon butty even though I did multiple times Her loss"

"I once got a thong made out of peppermints as a work secret Santa"

"6 or more sets (can’t remember now!) of the very same gloves - just different colours. All small enough to fit a small child!

A copy of the T.V times.

A plastic pair of summer, older lady shoes, as Autumn was approaching. A size too small.

A second hand pair of earrings, which were still dirty from the previous owner/owners

Some of these were Birthdays gifts, not just Christmas."

"An out of date Easter egg, maybe a spare from the year before?"

"For Christmas when I was 8 I got a "free sample" (from when you spend too much on some makeup item and get a giftbag free).....from an aunty. That contained a variety of mini samples of anti ageing cream and foundation and what not. I was 8 LOL"

"Toy monkey very ugly one"

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