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Lowdown Chat: Who gets all the credit?

You wanted to know where the presents come from this Christmas? Who will be taking the credit for all your gift purchases this year? Read on to find out what the group had to say...

Who gets the credit for gifts

Letishia Wills had a really simple question for the group that really got you talking.

With over 3.5k comments so many of you had an opinion! It read;

So in your household, does everything come from Santa or just the main present?

Read on to see a few snippets from the original post, you can click the button towards the bottom of the page to go to the live group post where you can read all 3567 comments (if you like!)

"Main present? Ain't no way Santa is getting the glory for that. He gets mediocre gifts and we get the main."

"A colouring vodka and crayons /felts come from santa.xx"

- "Vodka? I need your santa to come to me"

- "Umm I'm with you guys here? I never got vodka, let alone colouring vodka santa got some favourites I see haha"

"I've always said... I get everything and santa takes them away.. and he decides then if they've been bad or good and whether the presents are returned... xx"

"Think I’m the only one here that says all is from santa"

- "I think because all Christmas movies and books only do one gift and that it’s Christmas tradition that Santa only brings one that most people go with that.

However a few years ago I seen it was majority did all from Santa! So you’re definitely not alone. I think over the last few years a lot of parents have realised that giving all from Santa opens a can of worms with other children. “Why did Santa bring 1 or 2 children 10 presents and the rest of the class got 1?”. It does seem people are reverting back to original traditions these days tho.

But if it’s YOUR tradition to give everything from Santa and nothing from yourself then that’s your tradition. "

"A social worker has urged parents not to tell their children expensive Christmas gifts are from Santa in a post shared hundreds of thousands of times.

The Facebook post reminds parents to consider families with tighter budgets who are unable to afford pricey presents at Christmas.

The social worker says parents have approached her in tears after their children asked why they ‘weren’t good enough’ for Santa when they didn’t receive iPads or iPhones for Christmas like some of their friends."

"Stocking from santa & prezzies under tree from us, family & friends. Not every household can afford big prezzies so I think it’s nice to do a little stocking from Santa so kids don’t feel he favours other children over them if their family can’t afford to get extravagant gifts or loads of stuff - imagine how heartbreaking that is for them"


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