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Lowdown Chat: Are you living under a rock?

Is there something you've just found out that you think you maybe should already known? We take a look at the group sharing facts you may or may not know!

TVs in your childs room

Sarah Brooks had a statement for the group this week that sparked a lot of really interesting comments (over 2000 in total) It read;

I must have been living under a rock because I didn't know...
Elon Musk had two kids with Grimes...
Keep it going! (Maybe actually useful stuff too and not just random celebrity gossip my husband of all people was surprised I didn't know)

Read on to find out a few facts the group shared. Click the button at the bottom to go to the original post if you want to read all 2000+ comments live on the group!

"Hot water bottles have an expiry date"

"Turtles gender is determined after fertilisation. All depends on the temperature of the egg. If they are in a cool place they are male and in a hot place they are female. If it fluctuates then it will be a mix of male and female. "

"Didn’t know Andrea Bocelli was blind untill a couple of years ago I just thought he sung with passion and that’s why he closed his eyes when singing."

"But…not everyone uses a washing up bowl!"

"That instead of breaking up a oxo cube with your fingers, you can actually pull out the corners of the packet and crush it while it is still sealed then open it and pour it in!"

"Carson from Downton Abbey and Umbridge from Harry Potter are married! And there daughter is a Featherington daughter from Bridgerton!"

"Ok so.... The weather.... When it says 30℅ or some other bullshit that DOESN'T MEAN CHANCE OF RAIN!!!! It means that percentage of forecast area might get rain"

"I was 30 when I realised mince pies didn’t contain minced meat!"

"I’ve just found out that Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez are brothers and it’s like my brain won’t acknowledge it"

"Went to local country park and saw reindeers and I was shocked I said to the workers so they exist … I genuinely thought they were mythical or imaginary in Santa’s world only not in reality"

"Neil buchanan ( Art attack) is in a heavy metal band now. He was actually in the band before art attack but has returned. The band is marseilles"

"The plus size on nappies, isn't an extra size it means extra absorbent"


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