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6 ways to stay warm this winter

With longer nights and cooler temperatures, we explore ways to keep yourself warm without cranking the heating this winter.

1 Hoodies and Outerwear

Our number one group love - hoodies and hooded snuggly blankets are this winters must-have wearable.

  • Oodie - everyone knows the name but can be one of the more expensive options. They come in all sorts of colours and patterns like this panda one

  • Dunelm - Oversized hoodies, they have a variety of colours, patterns and are currently less than £20 - you can find them here.

  • Kuddly - mentioned lots by members on the group, like Oodie, is a more premium choice price-wise.

  • Primark Snuddie - one budget option that has been spoken about countless times. You can find out all about these here.

  • Debenhams - a definite contender for the budget crown. So you can't pop down to your local anymore but you can order online here. They have Sienna and Dreamscene and these are also available at the Range here.

  • Online Home Store - another frequently recommended hooded blanket seller - they stock Dreamscene and Sienna (like the range and Debenhams) but they also have own brand electric ones. You can find their range here.

  • Amazon - not forgetting the huge choice on Amazon. You have recommended this one but there are many very similar so check out the reviews or check out the new 'try before you buy' system here.

2 Hotties and Wheat Bags

Wheat bags and heat packs that can be warmed up in the microwave can be so valuable on those really cold days. Don't have a microwave? Not an issue, we have covered some top choices for hot water bottles. We would recommend changing a hot water bottle every two years. The rubber can degrade over time and burst, so using hot water from the tap (not boiling water) and replacing regularly is important.

Here are a few of the group top products:

Comes in a range of colours

A fun design with super soft fleece cover.

An interesting take on the more traditional bottle, super long and very soft!

One easy way to keep your hands warm with a snuggly fleece lining.

3 Slippers

Staying warm with slippers

It's a well known fact that keeping your extremities warm (that's your hands, feet and head) you will stay warm and warm up much quicker. Boots tend to be the warmest option, but we know aren't practical for everyone so we have a round up of a variety of styles and shapes right here. If you aren't confident on size, Amazon have a 'try before you buy' system. New subscribers can get £10 off their first try before you buy order using our code GIFT10 just click here to find out more.

These are available in so many colours you will struggle to choose.

Extra sturdy sole, perfect for those prone to putting the bins out in their slippers!

A super soft option, available in charcoal, pink and light grey,

A solid budget option - perfect for popping on if your hand are full.

8 different colour options, more of a shoe boot than a slip on, and a really sturdy sole.

4 Blankets and Throws

Staying warm with blankets and throws

Nobody should have a living room this winter without one. We know many of you will naturally pull up a blanket all year round, so here is our top list of group favourites and extra warm options (including the electric kind!) Electric blankets aren't just for the bed, you can wrap yourself up in them too. Your main choices here are budget, material and colour.

Budget-wise electric is of course more expensive, but it may save you money on heating an entire room so could be a good longer term investment. Material is personal preference - do you like fleecy, fluffy, knitted or woolen style blanket?



5 Thermals and Underwear

Staying warm with thermals and socks

Not always the first port of call for keeping warm, but this section has some must haves - especially useful for being out and about when you can't practically have a blanket wrapped around you.

An alternative to slippers or perfect boot socks - designed and created by Nordic experts

Simple and soft - there are multiple colours so you don't have to wear boring black if you don't want to!

Keep your kids warm inside and out - also available in adult sizes here

6 Hot Drinks

Staying warm with hot drinks ideas

It may seem so obvious, but having a hot drink or hot food will warm you up, and let's face it - who doesn't like cosying up with a mug of something warm and satisfying?

We don't want to teach you how to suck eggs, so tea and coffee are always on the table, but we do have a list here of a few not so obvious hot drink beverages.

  • Hot Chocolate

The FL community went crazy for hot chocolate in 2021 - hot chocolate stations were EVERYWHERE.

If you really want to indulge, Lindt Hot Chocolate is a reasonably priced luxury chocolate or for even less, Costa Hot Chocolate is a personal favourite with a rich and creamy finish.

  • Hot Blackcurrant

Really easy to make - just as you'd make up squash, use boiling water instead.

  • Golden Milk Tea

Ok, it doesn't sound all that appealing, but is so good for you! Warm up coconut milk (or normal milk if you don't have coconut) mix turmeric, ginger and cardamom and add to the milk (create a paste with a little water) and add honey to taste.

  • Hot Mint and Lemon

Does what it says on the tin - pour hot water on mint leaves and lemon. Add honey if you fancy something a little sweeter.

  • Malted Drinks

You remember Ovaltine? Or Horlicks? Both still available at most supermarkets - and handy in the cupboard as a spoonful is a real bonus addition to any milkshake!

  • Instant Soup

Soup in a cup - packet soup - instant soup, a very classic drink that people have used in diet programs for years. A very satisfying way to warm yourself up.

Other things to bear in mind

On a slightly more serious note, don't forget to check out any benefits you or a friend/relative may be entitled to if they are concerned about their heating bills.

Depending on circumstances the Winter Fuel or Cold Weather Payments can be received automatically. If they don't, visit or call 03459 15 15 15 to see if you’re eligible.

There are also Affordable Warmth Grants, which could help with heating and insulation improvements. For more information, call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or visit


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