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Lowdown Chat: Do you regret starting the Elf?

Want to know if you should start 'doing' the Elf? This is what the group had to say when asked if they regretted starting this tradition. Find all their advice right here.

Laure Towner had a question for the group this week that read;

Right serious question
Do you regret starting the Elf on the shelf? My boys are 4 and nearly 2. I can’t decide whether I’m stupid for considering it or whether we should do it! My 4 year old has never asked for it and obviously my youngest is oblivious so not sure if I’m making more work when it’s not necessary!
I know I see soo many posts saying don’t do it but are they genuine or not?! Help!!

Read on to find out what other people said…

"I love seeing how excited my kids get - it's worth it but the Elf will only be coming 2weeks before Xmas- the whole of December is a VERY big commitment, Santa is really busy and needs the help, and the Elf knows that our kids are generally well behaved so knew the wouldn't need too much supervision "

"My daughter loved it. Now 12.5 and still laughs at the memories."

"Our elf is sat on the floor each morning next to the fairy door. He brings the advent calendars down from his shelf and delivers a book (for the book advent) Then he sits back on the shelf.

I am THAT lazy Mum"

"I actually really enjoy doing it my daughter face when she wakes up and finds them is priceless I'm such a big kid anyway and I believe it all adds to the magic of Christmas you don't have to do extravagent things every night one night I just sat our elf in the tree with a note and she loved it!."

"I don’t regret it at all but with a 5 year age gap between my boys this will be year 10 for me I wish in hindsight I didn’t go so elaborate and just moved him as I barely get any sleep in December."

"One thing I've noticed is when I become more addicted to scrolling on my phone that doing anything about the list of things I need to get done. my right eye I can see a basket of washing and 2 airers...but I'm my left eye, I can see the open packet of giant chocolate buttons and my phone. So I'm scoffing the buttons and scrolling my phone even though that basket isn't going anywhere I would love to have that perfect life we all think people have but in reality, no one does, these people simply only exist in our minds."

"Yes do it !! My older 2 are 15 almost and 13 and they know it's not real now but they always talk about ehat the elf did ect. I started when they was 5 and 7 and it defo makes it more magic now they get to decide what the elf does my they younger 2 who are 7 and 9. I don't always make it do naughty things some times it hides or turns up in the car ect but at leat once it will do something major lol the kids love it and they don't believe for ever and when they no longer bike christmas isn't the same . I don't know what I will do when I have no children who believe in santa any more."

"Don't do it! It's fun for a year but then it's so draining! I'm trying to wean him out this year, wish I'd never started."

"We started ours last year with my then 4 and nearly 2 year old.. but they only play hide and seek .. no stress, no mess and happy kids lol."

"It's a bit of effort but my daughter loves it so I put up with it lol

I have a elf folder on my phone and screenshot lots of easy ideas so then each night I pick an idea ....takes like 10 mins out of your day."

"It's hard work but worth it to see the look on the kids faces"

"Do I regret it every single year: yes! Will I keep doing it until they no longer believe: also yes"

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