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Lowdown Chat: How do you take your tea?

A serious subject for many, we don't take these things lightly - how you take your tea has been a hot topic of discussion in the group. Read on to find out what you had to say...

Tea lovers lowdown chat

Karen Louise Cadenhead started a very important discussion in the group this week that read;

Hey everyone ❤️ so I'm having a debate with a lad from work he is from Leeds I'm from Basingstoke now I think my tea on the right is how tea should be he thinks the left
I told him northerners would be ashamed
Lowdown Chat Tea Drinkers Debate

5,5 thousand of you had your say on this post! With over 462,000 people reading and over 10 thousand got involved. We knew it was important! Read on to find out what people from Family Lowdown had to say:

"I think somewhere in the middle"

"In between for me but everyone is different and likes different"

"Gash bag brown or throw it down the sink!"

"Yes right is the correct! I hate it when I get a milky brew "

"The tea on the left is not tea it’s warm watery milk!"

"I'm northern from wakey and I would drink the left one "

Find out what everyone thought and add your comments by heading to the post below...


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