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Lowdown Chat: How to survive teenage girls?

Want to know how to set boundaries and navigate through the years with teenagers in your house? Our community had some great advice.

Surviving Teenage Girls

Heather Matthews had a question for the group this week that read;

I just have a question about teenagers, particularly teenage girls. And that question is ‘what the f**k?!’ Parents who have lived through these teenage years and now have pretty well rounded adults, how have you survived? Is there a trick I’m missing? Send help!
Just a quick edit to add I have a 15,13 and 11yo ( girls ) and 2 boys 3&1. My eldest is 16 next month she likes to act as if she’s an adult, coming and going as she pleases, sneaking out the house in the early hours etc etc I moved out when I was 16 so I wouldn’t know how my mother would have dealt with me at that age, and what boundaries she would have set my mums no longer with us, so I can’t even ask her for advice!

Read on to find out what advice people on Family Lowdown gave…

"Just hold on tight and wait until they decide to come out of their room cud b a year ahah we've got 6 girls between us 2 lads youngest is 18 so can b challenging Just keep smiling nodding and they'll come back x"

"My 16year old son is like this. He doesn't do rules. Does what he wants. Doesn't come in on time when he's supposed to. And I too left home at 16 so noone to ask. Teenagers are hard work x"

"You are not alone… I have 4"

"Alcohol... sense of humour... long walks with the dog!!! And definitely don't take everything personally or to heart.... Good luck and hugs!!!"

"Got 3 all different and threw different problems, all ended up good adults. Just go with the blows and hope for the best! Word of warning you never stop worrying and wanting to help!"

"Pick your battles, & try to remember what it was like to be a teenager" "Was the worst 4 year of my life all I can say is pick your battles and buy them Chinese "

"Please tell me boys are easier I have 3 boys and I was so glad I didn't have a girl because I know what I was like as a teenager and wouldn't wish that upon anyone!"

"Sorry keeping my mouth shut on this one I have an almost 21 year old boy and almost 18 year old girl and we sailed through it with no bother

14 year old son so far so good but if anyone is going to give me bother through these years it will be him"

"Just keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the relationship that you have afterwards is amazing!! Make the most of the days when they do need you and want a hug as they are what get you through! Although it’s harder in a different way once they are out the other side, letting them drive a car because they can or move in with their partner or go on holiday without you! Equally they then need you in other ways too, there isn’t a day that goes by without a visit, FaceTime or phone call just because they want to chat!"


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