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Lowdown Chat: Your Top Discussion

What's top of the chat this week? Find out what has got you talking right here.

What has got your talking this week?

A simple question - that has reached over 573k of you with over 5000 comments.

Greatest ONE LINE in a song ever. Not verse, chorus or bridge. Just ONE line.

Some of your comments this week have been:

"And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time."

"Just let me staple the Vicar!"

"I walk down memory lane

'Cause it's the only place

That you haven't left yet"

"Look around - see what you do: everybody smiles at you…"

"In the times of chimpanzee's i was a monkey. Beck, Loser"

"Youth is wasted on the young, before you know its come and gone too soon."

Read and join in the discussion below...

what is you greatest one line in a song ever


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