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The hospital appointment shock

When Kayleigh was heading to the hospital for a long awaited appointment for her child, she wasn't expecting what happened next...

What's the story?

Kayleigh shared her parenting story with us on 3rd October 2022;

This parenting malarkey is hard isn’t it?
I have 3 children and I really have no clue what I’m doing. Just winging it. I got a text last week for a paediatric appointment at the hospital. Great. I’ve been waiting ages for this and I’m going to make sure this happens. Changed work plans, moved my dentist appointment as it fell on the same day. Contacted my 5 year olds school by sending a really grown up email informing them my child had a very important appointment and I would be collecting him before lunch. Get my son. Prepare him for what might happen during his little hospital trip. Drive there and arrive nice and early. Even have time for a cheeky latte for me and a chocolate milkshake for him.
Get there and sit in the waiting room.

We are left in suspense as she breaks up the post...

And the end of this little seemingly simple and uneventful tale...?

If I could have taken a photo of the paediatricians face (and all the staff to be perfectly honest) I’d show you. But for now you can all use your imaginations whilst I drink copious amounts of wine

I think we can safely say that most parents have probably had one of these face palm moments.

How much do you love it?

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