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The delivery driver and the date

Sheryl didn't expect anything particularly large through her door that day, but got more than she had bargained for!

What's the story?

Sheryl Jermy shared her delivery story on 27th October 2022;

They say fortune favours the brave. I've just had my little girls pushchair delivered and original one taken away. The guy (a rather good looking guy), said to me, I'm taking one away yeah? I joked and said, you can take me away! Where we going, to the beach? He laughed and said not in this weather
Just before he left I said, if you feel like going to a beach, just pop your number through my letterbox! He laughed and drove off. 2 minutes later, somethings posted through my letterbox. Thinking it may be him putting a fake number, I rang it withheld but it is actually him! He told me to let him know which beach we're going to. Never thought for one minute he would actually leave his number but my god its made my day. Be brave and go for it!

She later edited to add;

***EDITED UPDATE*** Thank you so so much for your kind words and genuine happiness for me. Now. Just to clarify a few things. Yes. I am single, if I wasn't then I certainly wouldn't be posting this on here!

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