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Instant Decluttering - what to throw away

Needing a little less clutter in your life? Here is our ultimate guide on 50 things you can throw away for instant decluttering

Go, on, be honest… hands up who keeps belongings because one day they *might* be useful! Yep - us too. I mean, if you haven’t got a box of old wires lying around somewhere or some shoeboxes that might come in handy one day, are you even a grown up!?

If you do have kids, chances are you’re always looking for storage solutions as their stuff mounts up. By decluttering regularly, or even from time to time, you can start to balance what comes into your home with what goes out.

The thing is decluttering is actually really really good for you. And having fewer belongings that we don’t use around us can be quite liberating and free up space for when we need to buy new things.

Whilst it’s important to keep hold of items that bring us joy, are useful or that have lots of memories attached to them, there are also lots of things which may be lying around that we probably don’t need.

To help get you started, we’ve got a list of 50 common household items that we think you could probably get rid of, responsibly of course. Use freecycle, charity shops or local car boots to make a bit of cash!

Use this list as a checklist to work through to make your home clearer, more spacious and easier for you and your family!

  1. Old magazines

  2. Tatty cushions

  3. Old VHS and DVDs

  4. Burnt out candles

  5. Unused wires and cables

  6. Games with missing pieces (although check you can't buy replacements first!)

  7. Unworn jewellery

  8. Dead plants

  9. Old remotes

  10. Broken hair elastics or hairbands

  11. Dried up toiletries

  12. Old blankets or bedding

  13. Ornaments that are not on display

  14. Shoeboxes that aren’t in use

  15. Old packaging

  16. Old and unused keys

  17. Cleaning materials that don’t work.

  18. Old books that are unlikely to be read

  19. Worn out make up

  20. Broken or old make up brushes

  21. Old nail polish

  22. Old perfume that has lost its scent

  23. Old toothbrushes

  24. Half empty bottles

  25. Towels that are old or fraying

  26. Socks that don’t match

  27. Socks with holes

  28. Underwear with holes

  29. Clothes rarely worn

  30. Earrings that don’t match

  31. Unworn ties

  32. Old unworn belts

  33. Old unused purses

  34. Worn out hats and gloves

  35. Worn out shoes

  36. Old pillows that are no longer used

  37. Food passed its expiry date

  38. Take out menus

  39. Restaurant sauce packets

  40. Old vouchers or coupons

  41. Pens that don’t work

  42. Chipped or broken cups or mugs

  43. Mismatched Tupperware (orphaned lids and tubs!)

  44. Expired medication

  45. Old mail

  46. Old manuals

  47. Old receipts

  48. Old paperwork

  49. Birthday cards

  50. Broken toys


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