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A bike is not just for Christmas

Want the lowdown on the best bike for your kids? We’ve got you covered! If lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, super safe and British made are high up on your wish-list, then Frog bikes are going to be ‘the one’.

A Bike for Christmas

Getting your first bike

I can still remember the excitement of coming downstairs one Christmas in the late 1980s and seeing a bike, covered in wrapping paper and with a big bow stuck on top. I already knew precisely which smooth tarmacked paths, small hills for freewheeling and wide pavements I planned to explore on it and could almost feel the cool breeze on my face whilst standing in my living room.

Cycling is an incredible hobby for kids - you don’t need us to tell you that. As well as getting good exercise, being on a bike gets them (and you!) outside in the fresh air, helps with coordination, builds confidence and offers a real feeling of freedom. You can cycle individually, as a family, with friends and even meet up for group cycles. It turns an ordinary trip to the park or local open space into one filled with fun and adrenalin, if you want it to.

As parents, we all want the best for our kids. And when it comes to cycling, the best experience will come from having the right bike. And with Christmas coming up, now is the time to start thinking about whether this is something they need.

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Christmas bike gifts

Here are five reasons why we think Frog bikes would be the best bike for your kids to have the best adventures and the most fun.

1. Award winning bikes for kids

If you’ve been doing your bike research already, you probably already know the Frog bike is the one to buy. Their award winning lightweight bikes which are designed specifically for children make cycling easy and fun for even the most reluctant of learners. It is pretty hard to avoid the good reviews, and for very good reason, as we found out.

This is one of the main reasons we are such fans. Everything about the bike, from the bike geometry to the quality of the materials used to make the bike have been designed with children in mind and to make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

2. They grow with your kids

When it comes to buying a bike, one of the big challenges is the fact that kids grow so quickly, and can make bigger purchases tricky to make. We’ve all been there when suddenly those new kids trainers no longer fit, or the coat that you only bought them a few months ago now won’t zip up. Blink, and suddenly the’ve shot up!

One of the stand out features of the Frog bike - for us - are the adjustable brakes and the handlebar stem add-on, which means the bike can grow as your kids do. It is an incredibly clever feature which unlike other bikes we’ve come across, adapt to suit the needs of each individual child.

Frog bikes are also designed with shorter cranks which is the part of the bike which converts the power from peddling into motion. This means your kids can travel further and faster. Your only challenge will be trying to keep up with them! Even the brake levers are positioned to be easy to reach, so they really have thought of everything.

3. They are lightweight

It can be surprising how heavy and bulky some children’s bikes are, despite being for little people. Any parent who transports bikes in the car will know how cumbersome it is to heave a weighty bike into the boot or onto the roof. It also isn’t ideal for kids either. The Frog bike’s lightweight frame is a game changer in this respect. Not only is it brilliant for kids, making the bike super easy to ride and manoeuvre, but it is also great for parents too, making transportation easier.

4. A big range for every need

Whether you have an enthusiastic toddler who is ready for take off or a tween who is too cool for school, if they want to cycle, they’ll need a bike. And this is where the huge range of Frog bikes gives parents real flexibility. Of course bikes come in different sizes to suit the height of your kids, but the range is also diverse. From balance bikes, to hybrid bikes to mountain bikes to road bikes, and many more, the selection is like nothing else we’ve seen. In other words, it will be hard NOT to find a bike to suit your kids from their huge range.

5. Rigorous safety testing

Keeping kids safe at all times is a number one priority for any parent. And when you consider the speed at which some kids can get to on two wheels, you want to know that you’ve given the safest piece of equipment to use. Frog bikes have been rigorously safety tested so you can have peace of mind, and some of their bikes such as the mountain and road bikes have been tested to adult safety standards, just to go the extra mile. What is also handy to know is that Frog Bikes offers a two year warranty so as well as being safe, you can

6. Value for money

A Frog Bike, in our view, represents good value for money. A quality product that will be used time and time again and stand up to the trials and tribulations of kids is worth every penny. Frog Bikes also have a great resale value as you would expect which is worth bearing in mind if you’re having a browse.

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