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Sleep deprived new mum? Read this...

Family Lowdown Founder Claire tells us exactly which baby products she couldn't live without - making her life that much easier third time round!

Baby Products you should have

When I had my first daughter in 2015, I was amazed at how many products were available to help new mums on their first steps into parenthood. Prams, baby bowls, bath toys, bouncers - there was a gadget or gizmo to help with every aspect of bringing up baby. And whilst I didn’t always get it right, through a process of trial and error, chatting to other mums and frantic googling, I found the products I needed to help me through those first months.

Fast forward to September 2022, when I was lucky enough to welcome my third daughter into the world. I thought I was sorted. That I had all the tech I needed to help number three make a safe landing into the world. Let’s just say that a lot has changed in seven years and some of the products on the market now really are game changers and make parenting so much easier.

The truth is that having a baby is a tough gig for anyone. The lack of sleep, constant change (I’m sure that baby-gro fitted last week?!) and the general faff of going anywhere that isn't your home can rumble even the strongest willed parent out there. And so anything that can make life easier, calmer and happier should take priority, right?

Which is why I’ve pulled together this list of eight products that I genuinely can’t live without. From rocking my buggy so I can be hands free (why didn’t I have this before Rockit Rocker!), to ditching swim nappies altogether and switching to a reusable eco friendly alternative (game changer from splash about) to the cardigan that doubles up as a baby carrier (thanks for this school run essential from Zip Us In).

Here at Family Lowdown we want you to thrive, not just survive as parents, so read on to find out the lowdown on the key items we think could help you in your baby’s first year:

ClevaMama ClevaPure™ Himalayan Salt Lamp & Humidifier

ClevaMama Salt Humidifier Baby Lamp

If you’ve ever had a baby or child with a cold or congestion, you’ll know how hard it is to keep them comfortable, especially during sniffle season! This is where the ClevaMama ClevaPure™ comes in to save the day (or night!). This multi award winning all in one night light, humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser can naturally help to ease respiratory symptoms, relieve sore throats, and help soothe dry itchy skin. Clever stuff from ClevaMama!

So how does it work? Well, the humidifier releases a cool mist which reduces the presence of airborne allergens and irritants which can cause breathing difficulties among babies and children. The same humidifier can also become an aromatherapy diffuser with a few drops of essential oils, to turn your sleep space into an oasis of calm. And the salt crystals contained within the lamp casts a ‘melatonin-friendly’ glow which helps to promote great sleep and relaxation.

If you want to look forward to bedtime, the ClevaMama ClevaPure™ is your best friend. To find out more, click the find out more button. We also asked ClevaMama nicely and they have given us a baby bundle worth £165 to give away to one of our lucky readers so make sure you ENTER THE COMPETITION HERE.

Pixel PRO - the lightest car seat on the market

Pixel Pro Baby Car Seat

Travelling with babies is never quite as straightforward as you hope. Even the shortest of car journeys can become very stressful very quickly if your baby isn’t happy. And when you are tired, the last thing you need is to lug about a heavy car seat. The Pixel Pro is a car seat is here to change ALL of that, as it is the lightest car seat on the market at only 2.5 kg (!) as well as being one of the safest.

This is impressive enough but what really stands out is the comfort factor for your baby. The Pixel PRO was designed with child development specialists which means you know your baby is getting the right support. The special modular insert, which stabilises the pelvis, spine and head, is 100% safe for premature babies upwards and can be adapted to the height and body structure of the child. And this sort of positioning is particularly great for babies who suffer from reflux.

So you can save your back with a light car seat and save your sanity with a calmer happier baby on the go, with total peace of mind about their safety.

For more information about this clever piece of kit, click below:

Beatrix Potter Soft Toy Collection: Reinvented, Reimagined

Beatrix Potter Soft Toy Baby

I have always tried to buy a new soft toy for each of my children to make sure they have a keepsake for when they are older and something that will be treasured, and my standards are high - it has to be good quality and will stand the test of time. The timelessness and nostalgia of Beatrix Potter and especially the Tales of Peter Rabbit are a personal favourite and this time, I have found the Enesco range to be the softest plushiest toys on the market - they’re absolutely lovely.

This range happens to be new patterns and fabrics and so even if you have some toys already, these will be fresh additions. I also really struggle knowing what to say when people ask what they can buy as a gift, and so the Peter Rabbit range is a great place to signpost family and friends to. They also suit most budgets, ranging from keyring size up to extra large. My top tip is to use them to animate story time!

To find out more about these gorgeous nursery additions, click below:

Little Pickle Wrap Around Newborn Set

Little Pickle Newborn Baby Clothing Set

I have always loved planning what my baby wears and popping a baby into a lovely fresh, dry outfit is a great feeling. The thing I struggle with though are the billions poppers on babygros that need sorting every time a nappy needs changing - I dread to think how many I have done over the years! I also get so tired of seeing pink for girls and blue for boys, and have always tried to go for something more neutral for my three girls.

This is why the Little Pickle Wrap Around newborn set was such a find. It is a gorgeous outfit for newborn babies, made of a super soft interlock cotton that is incredibly smooth. But the thing that works most for me is the top which easily opens like a wrap, meaning no tricky maneuvers pulling a top over the baby’s head! Plus, little leggings are so easy to slide on and off which is great when you’re tired!

Little Pickle have a beautiful range of high quality baby and children’s clothing, all made in the UK. They’d make a super gift, and are great all year round.

The CARIAGAN® by Zip Us In

Cariagan Baby Carrier Sling

The Cariagan® is a totally unique and game changing cardigan that doubles up as a baby carrier as and when you need it to. Cleverly designed, the Cariagan® transforms from a cardigan into a super snug carrier for newborn babies upwards. It even has an integrated belly band for pregnancy bumps, so it really is the garment that keeps on giving. It is essentially three products in one, that can switch up as regularly and as quickly as you want. Genius.

The huge advantage of the Cariagan® is the speed at which you can pop your baby in the carrier at a moment’s notice. I’ve always used soft slings for my babies, but found that I end up walking around, swathed in fabric. Trust me - it isn’t a good look! The lovely loft Tencel fabric of the Cariagan® changes all of this, and enables you to be out and about and switch up how to carry your baby at a moment’s notice. And you don’t need me to tell you the plus points of having your hands free when they are safely wrapped up, especially when faced with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake!

Find out more about the Cariagan® (and how to make your life easier) by clicking below!

The Splash About Happy Nappy DUO Swim Nappy

Splash About Baby Swim Nappy

Taking your baby swimming is incredibly fun and a brilliant bonding experience, but let’s not beat around the bush here. It is made a whole lot easier with the right kit. Which is why the Splash About Happy Nappy DUO is a must have, as it is not only reusable, but is also proven to keep unwelcome leaks out of the pool water - hurrah.

The Happy Nappy DUO is made from a super soft neoprene shell with ribbing at the waist and legs which acts as a barrier, and the innovative Silver Lining inside is scientifically proven to destroy any harmful bacteria. The DUO is swim-school approved so there’s no need for a disposable nappy underneath. By being reusable, you’re doing your bit for both the environment as well as your wallet. Just slide it easily over little legs and away you splash.

It is hardly surprising that it is a market leader and has won awards - it really is the only nappy you need for baby’s first (and second, and third…) trip to the pool!

The Rockit Rocker – Award Winning Portable Baby Rocker

Rockit Rocker Baby Stroller Rocking

The Rockit Rocker is one of those products that, as a tired parent, has honestly kept me sane. This portable baby rocker fits any pram or pushchair, and literally rocks your baby to sleep so that you don’t have to. It can go with you anywhere, be it a coffee shop, friend’s house, soft play or even on holiday, to gently lull your baby into a slumber and keep you hands free. The universal adaptor easily clips on to your travel system and gives you one less thing to think about which is such a huge plus.

A big advantage of the Rockit Rocker is that it gives you more hands free time to multitask and get things done. Whether that means playing with an older sibling of your baby, doing the laundry or a cheeky spot of online shopping. And of course the Rockit Rocker has been safety tested to EU/USA and international standards and helpfully comes with free UK delivery, making this an easy one to buy with peace of mind.

I’d say it would make a great gift - it does - but as an item I can’t live without, I would want to ensure I had one close to hand from the get go. Anything that helps a newborn to sleep is a winner in my book! Click the button below or watch the video to find out more. Oh and we have persuaded the lovely team at Rockit to give us one of these to give away (along with a bundle of other 'make your life easier' sleep products) ENTER THE COMPETITION HERE.

Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle

Say hello to the oh-so-soft award winning silicone baby bottle: The Nanobébé Flexy Bottle. These squishy bottles have a natural feel (similar to boobs!) and are triple-vented to help babies from inhaling too much air which can lead to gas and discomfort. As a breastfeeding mum, I have always tried to get my babies used to a bottle from early on so that I can have a bit of freedom when I need it and the Nanobébé Flexy Silicone bottle is perfect.

These bottles have a clever wide base which keeps them upright and stable on any surface...even the arm of a sofa. No more crying over spilt milk! They also have minimal parts and wide opening so that cleaning and sterilising is super quick and simple. You can pick your colour including pink, white, teal and grey and come in a mini 150ml size and a larger 270ml size to suit your baby as they grow.

You can get 20% OFF all Flexy Bottles with the code LOWDOWN20 so get clicking!

Sterilus - Steri-Sac™

No matter how you feed your baby, chances are you'll need to sterlise something at some point, and the Steri-Sac™ is a genius way to do this in around three minutes in the microwave and without cluttering up your kitchen worktop with yet another piece of baby equipment. What is particularly handy is that the light and compact Steri-Sac™ can slot easily into a changing bag, meaning you can be prepared to sterilise baby bits on the go, if you need to.

The science behind the Steri-Sac™ is extremely robust - it has been laboratory tested to meet hospital infection control requirements, so you know it is extremely hygienic, and attacks the four most heat resistant bacteria effectively - hurrah! Each Steri-Sac™ can be used up to 20 times and so really is perfect for a weekend away, visiting grandparents or going on holiday with minimal to carry.

So whether it is sterilising bottles, teats, soothers, trainer cups, breast shields, breast-pump accessories, or any other microwave safe plastic items, the Steri-Sac™ makes a mundane but important task simpler, quicker and more efficient and for a great price too. What are you waiting for?!

If you have used any of these products, jump over to Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas and share your story.

We have pulled together some amazing products from this list for you to WIN over in our competitions section. Click the button below to take a look and enter:


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