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Beanstalk - £10 free for joining


Ends March 31st

About the Offer

We have secured our members an exclusive £10 joining bonus when you sign up for an account with Beanstalk.

Beanstalk is a super simple app that helps you save & invest for you and your children.

This is a stocks and shares junior ISA - but it really isn't complicated, you can open it via the app in minutes.

Do I have to pay into the account reguilarly?

Nope! With no payment commitments required, it's flexible to your finances. Top up the account when you want.

Any small print?

The bonus will be paid into any Junior ISA that ihas been activated with finds (ie. has received contribution or transfer in) by March 31st 2023. Funding can come from any of Beanstalk tools (Top Up, Regular Contribution, Round Ups, cashback via KidStart) or a transfer in of an existing Junior ISA / Child Trust Fund. there is no limit on this and using the cashback option would require zero cash deposit from you. Just make a purchase via Kidstart from any one of the retailers there and this will generate some ahback which you will need to link to the new ISA.

Bonuses will be added to the account during April 2023.

For more terms and conditions - visit the Beanstalk Family Lowdown offer page via the link.

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