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The annual FAMILY LOWDOWN Christmas Fair is back by popular demand for a third year running! During the festive season, we champion you as a small businesses by giving exclusive access to our 1.2 million strong audience on Facebook. Sound interesting? Scroll on to fill out the sign up form or click the button to find out more...

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Christmas Fair 2023

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Boosting your Christmas

The FAMILY LOWDOWN annual Christmas Fair is a unique online pop up event where we fling open the virtual doors to our 1.2 million strong Facebook Group FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS to a small number of businesses to share their products and services with our community.

The idea for the fair was born out of the pandemic when many small businesses needed to move online. We realised that if we could connect our members to small businesses, we could help small businesses not only survive but thrive online.

Since 2020, we have worked with over 300 small businesses and adapted the fair to meet the needs of both our business owners and our audience. Since last year, we have a sparkly website and email list of 45k+, meaning that we have more ways of reaching people than ever before. 

Our Christmas fair has always been a sell out event. We only have a limited number of businesses that we can work with to ensure that the balance is right for both them and our community. 

And we know the fair can work! Previous stall holders have sold out of key lines, experienced unprecedented website traffic, grown social media followings, built up email lists and gained a new customer base. In the words of one business owner,

‘It has been insane… settling in for another all-nighter of packing… sold at least 250 units from one post!’

If you’d like your business to be part of the 2023 Family Lowdown Christmas Fair, please read on and you’ll have the chance to apply at the end.


Who can apply for a virtual stall?

Small businesses who sell products or services that are appropriate for a family audience! We ensure that the fair covers a range of products to avoid direct competition and we check each application to ensure that businesses comply with UK laws and regulations. All businesses taking part must ensure that purchasing is easy to do for the customer.

What is the deadline for applications for a virtual stall?

This year, we are open for applications from the 22nd October and we will officially close applications on the 12th November. It may be earlier than this if we sell out of our limited slots, which we expect to do. If you would like a virtual stall, we encourage you not to ‘wait and see’.

What is the cost?

This year we are keeping things super simple with a one size fits all package and kept the cost as low as possible, so as to be accessible. The total price is £79 which includes three posts and the inclusion of your products/services to our email subscriber list of over 45k and our full digital support. This price is competitive, compared to the likely spend on a Facebook Ad to reach similar numbers as is likely for our community group. It is also lower than last year for the same features. We charge this amount to cover our time to run the fair and support our digital running costs.

What is included in the Christmas Fair package 2023?

The ability for businesses to post directly into FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS (1.2 million members) on three separate occasions between the 1st November and the 10th December. Each business will also be included in a Christmas shopping email to our email subscribers with a featured product and a link to buy. They will also be included in a content piece on our website covering our best buys from small businesses this Christmas. Businesses will have guidance for posting with examples of successful fair posts from previous events and provided with an endorsement badge to layer on your images to show you are taking part.

How does posting work?

The bread and butter of the fair is posting about your business into our Facebook Group FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS between the 1st November and the 10th December. Each business will have pre-approved posting rights for the duration of the fair and so each post will go live as soon as it is submitted. The experienced Admin Team will check all posts and ensure all businesses do not exceed the maximum of three posts. All businesses will be given a ‘Guide to Posting’ and examples of successful posts from previous events.

What support is available for stall holders?

First and foremost, we really want the fair to work for you! We have a special community for all of our small businesses called FAMILY LOWDOWN SMALL BIZ COMMUNITY which businesses can use freely and our dedicated team of ten Admins will oversee the running of the fair throughout. All stall holders will be emailed with the support documents for posting and we will be running an email inbox for the duration of the fair where we will respond to any questions you may have.

What guarantees do you offer?

Whilst we cannot make any guarantees about sales, we do offer a ‘reach guarantee’ where we promise that your content will reach a minimum of 30,000 people combined over three posts and email marketing. We are able to track this with data available from Facebook and Mailchimp. If any business does not reach 30,000 by the end of the fair, we will give you a fourth post for free before the end of 2023, following the same guidance as for the Christmas Fair posts. Any businesses who do not reach 30,000 eyes will be contacted.

How will l know if I have been accepted?

Businesses can purchase a virtual stall in the Christmas Fair using the form below. If for any reason Family Lowdown cannot host a business for the fair, they will be issued a full refund.


Please see our full terms and conditions for more information. 

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